3devo elevates 3D printing with advanced technology and personalized support

Dutch filament maker manufacturer 3devo has announced the launch of its new offerings at Formnext 2023

The focal points of this release are the Filament Maker TWO, the second version of the company’s filament-making technology, and the DevoJourney customer service experience. By combining technological improvements with personalized support, the aim is to provide resources that empower users in various sectors, including research, education, and production.

CEO Tim Wesselink said, “At 3devo, we’re constantly innovating to deliver industry-disrupting technology that empowers our customers to elevate their creativity and productivity. Our next generation filament maker promises to be something that changes the game in 3D printing. By investing in this new product, you’re investing in a future of endless possibilities, sustainability, and innovation.”

The New Filament Maker TWO. Photo via 3devo.
The New Filament Maker TWO. Photo via 3devo.

Filament-making with advanced technology and personalized expertise

Representing a significant leap forward in filament-making technology, the Filament Maker TWO goes beyond a simple redesign, integrating advanced data-driven insights, improved extrusion control, precision, and stability. Geared towards meeting the requirements of technical teams, educational institutions, and public labs, its user-friendly design and forward-looking technology aspire to address the longstanding needs of these sectors, says the company.

To meet diverse facets of the 3D printing sector, the Filament Maker TWO comes in two models. The Fusion model focuses on research and development, allowing material mixing for experimentation and the creation of custom filaments. In contrast, the HighFlow Model is designed for production, offering a steady flow suitable for compounded or virgin materials. It is equipped with a robust extruder to enhance extrusion stability.

Beyond the Filament Maker TWO, 3devo has unveiled DevoJourney, a service meticulously crafted to navigate clients through the complexities of extrusion and 3D printing. This service encompasses expert consultations aimed at understanding client needs, the provision of customized roadmaps that adapt to evolving projects, and continuous post-consultation support. Those investing in the Filament Maker TWO are granted access to the specialized expert consultation services offered through DevoJourney.

Filament Maker two model comparison

ModelFilament Maker TWO FusionFilament Maker TWO HighFlowFilament Maker PrecisionFilament Maker Composer
ColorMidnight BlueSilverBlackSilver
Display7″ LCD Touchscreen7″ LCD TouchscreenOLED display and a single rotate-and-push control buttonOLED display and a single rotate-and-push control button
Integrated FeetYesYes
Extruder MotorStepper motorStepper motorDC motorDC motor
Hopper Cooling SystemYesYes
Insulation MaterialRemovable insulation with VelcroRemovable insulation with VelcroFiberglass insulation with zip tiesFiberglass insulation with zip ties
Sensor Dimensions3 axis3 axis1 axis1 axis

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Featured image shows the New Filament Maker TWO. Photo via 3devo.