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3D Systems Sends Industrial 3D Printing Abroad

The past couple of weeks have seen 3D Systems make a number of distribution agreements abroad and in the United States.  On the consumer side, the company began increasing the US sales network for its Cube 3D printers and Sense 3D scanner.  On the industrial side, 3D Systems has found partners in Konica and HK 3D for its advanced 3D printing portfolio abroad.

Konica_Minolta 3D systems 3D printing dealToday, 3DS announced that it was building upon its partnership with Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. by expanding the distribution of its industrial 3D printer portfolio to Konica Minolta Australia.  In Australia, Konica Minolta will be responsible for distributing the ProJet® 3500 Series and ProJet® 660 3D printers, with George Fryer, General Manager Production Sales at Konica Minolta Australia, saying, “We are excited to be able to work with a recognized industry leader, offering the most comprehensive suite of 3D printers and services in Australia. Our goal is to arm our nationwide, exceptional sales organization with cutting-edge products, solutions and services that help our customers grow their business and gain a competitive edge.”

3d-systems-hk-holdings_ 3D printing dealMeanwhile, in the UK and Ireland, 3DS has reached out to HK 3D to distribute 3D Systems’ complete portfolio of 3D printers, materials, scanners, and design tools.  HK 3D belongs to HK Holdings, a company group that is involved in advanced manufacturing at every level, from 3D printing to elctro discharge machining.  Steven Wilcox, Managing Director of HK Holdings, said of the deal, “We are thrilled to partner with 3D Systems and to offer their entire portfolio of 3D digital design and fabrication solutions. This gives all of our customers access to the broadest range of 3D tools and technologies on the market, and will help our customers meet the most demanding applications, particularly those in aerospace, automotive and healthcare.”

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Due to troubling Q1 financials, post-3D printing hype bubble, my own suspicions are that 3D Systems is aggressively increasing its distribution to find more retailers and earn some dough, but, had 3D printing stocks not dropped so radically, maybe I wouldn’t be projecting so heavily onto these sorts of agreements.