3D Systems Releases VisiJet M3 Black, A New Injection Molding-Like Plastic

In a bid to make its ProJet printers even more useful for end-product manufacturing, 3D Systems has developed a new, “plastic injection molding-like material” dubbed VisiJet M3 Black.

visijet 3D Printing Material

According to the press release, the new material is durable and flexible and items printed with it resemble the plastic parts produced via injection molding. As a result, the release explains, prototypes produced with the material are more likely to resemble a final, mass-produced product, making it ideal for accurate testing. The black plastic is meant also to be good for snap fit and assembly purposes.

visijet 3D Printing Material

Don’t try to pour VisiJet M3 Black into your Makerbot, though! This is only for 3D Systems ProJet printers, which rely on UV curing liquid, like VisiJet, into solid plastic.