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3D Systems Releases ProJet 3510 DPPro All-in-One Medical 3D Printer

With the fields of medicine and dentistry benefiting greatly from the ability of 3D printing to produce custom, intricate, and castable objects, both 3D Systems and Stratasys have been pushing their printer portfolio to include increasingly improved machines for these industries.  While Stratasys most recently announced an upgrade to its Eden line of 3D printers for dentistry, today at LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2015, 3DS has unveiled the ProJet 3510 DPPro all-in-one medical 3D printer.

visijet 3D printed cast from ProJet 3510 DPPro 3D Systems

The ProJet 3510 DPPro is designed to create dental wax-ups, drill guides for implants, orthodontic patterns, and crown and bridge molds.  The company boasts that the new machine is capable of 3D printing quickly, while maintaining a small overall footprint than other, similar printers.  3DS states that, despite its smaller footprint, the system still a large build volume suited for a number of medical and dental applications – from wax-ups for crowns and partial dentures to working medical models – using the company’s USP Class VI-capable VisiJet® Stoneplast material.  The ProJet 3510 DPPro can also 3D print custom implant drill guides from biocompatible plastic.

ProJet 3510 DPPro 3D printed denture model

Buddy Byrum, Vice President of Product Management for 3DS said of the new system, “Our primary purpose is to democratize access to more affordable and powerful tools for the benefit of our customers. With its high resolution, high capacity and expanded material compatibility, the DPPro can support the widest range of medical applications, at a very low cost of ownership. LMT LAB DAY is the perfect venue to demonstrate this new, multipurpose machine to those who will benefit most from it.”

The ProJet 3510 DPPro, currently available for purchase, is now being displayed at LAB DAY alongside 3DS’ other relevant technologies, including their Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) suite, its metal hybrid implant bars, its ProJet® 1200 micro-SLA desktop 3D printer for dental wax-ups, and a number of models and prints for dental procedures.