3D Systems Partners Up With Singularity University

3D Systems has announced a significant partnership with Singularity University (SU), an academic institution focused on educating students in understanding and using advanced tech for the greater good. As a result SU will receive 3D printing hardware and other key components from 3D Systems’ content-to-print portfolio – delivered and installed – for hands on use by the students who will be able to start exploring and innovating immediately.

President and CEO of 3D Systems, Abe Reichental, shares his enthusiasm and idelogy behind this partnership: “We are excited to be part of Singularity’s visionary initiative to democratize access to 3D content-to-print solutions that will enable greater entrepreneurialism and inventiveness. SU has shown a great deal of foresight and leadership in selecting additive manufacturing as a formal executive program, ensuring that the potential of 3D ideation-to-production is fully understood by a global audience of emerging leaders and technologists, and that its compelling and impactful power is harnessed into tomorrow’s business models today.”

An incubator of innovative students, SU’s chair of Space and Physical Sciences and Co-Chair of AI and Robotics, Dan Barry, is equally excited about the possibilities that could emerge from unleashing the creative minds of the future on 3D printing: “Through this new partnership, 3D Systems is significantly enhancing the capability of our students to turn their ideas into reality – to be creative not just through slides, but in 3 dimensions, and express that creativity by producing real physical objects.”

As news of 3D printing filtering into all levels of the educational sector increases here on 3DPI, it is difficult not to share Dan Barry’s and Abe Reichental’ enthusiasm and optimism regarding the future – one with kids being able to interact profoundly with 3D printing during their entire educational career from elementary school through to university and beyond.

Source: 3D Systems