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Not Happy with Jewellery Off-the-Shelf? Simple, DIY.

Last week 3D Printing Industry provided some insight into the 3D printing effect on the jewellery sector and the many ways that the technology is contributing to the development and/or production of ever more stunning designs. However, for anyone that is not content with browsing and purchasing the range of gorgeous jewellery pieces conceived by professional designers — how about a spot of jewellery DIY? It is NOT simple, despite the title, it will take time and patience, but it is possible.

Mikee Reece is a freelance jewellery designer who uses Blender as his 3D modelling tool of choice to design jewellery pieces for production via 3D printing processes. Part of Mikee’s self-imposed remit is to share his experiences and provide ‘how-to’ tutorials for anyone keen to gain further understanding of the technologies involved and start designing for themselves.

The following is Mikee’s latest tutorial, demonstrating how to model a ring — from scratch — in Blender and then make the digital model 3D printer-ready using Netfabb software. From there it is possible to either print (if you have your own 3D printer) or send to a 3D print lab of your choice, which will provide a wider range of materials.

Source: Mikee Reece

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