3D Systems Launches Cubify Sculpt

3D Systems has today revealed its latest 3D content tool — Cubify® Sculpt. Available immediately, via the company’s online community and store Cubify, Cubify Sculpt is said to be a ‘powerful virtual clay sculpting tool that transforms 3D modeling from a complex, skills-centric design experience to a simple, intuitive sculpting delight for everyone’ according to the press release accompanying the launch. Unsurprisingly, it is powered by 3D Systems’ volumetric CAD engine to support the freeforming of organic shapes with ready-to-print output.

Further information from 3DS:

“Cubify Sculpt packs a powerful feature set that includes embossing with textures, adding colour with paint for full colour 3D printing, intuitive push and pull tools to sculpt in virtual clay and accurate symmetry settings for designing organic shapes. The mash up feature empowers users to import multiple designs to create larger and more complex objects. Cubify Sculpt designs are 3D print-ready for at-home printing or cloud printing with materials like Cubify Ceramix and Cubify Colorstone.”

With the push and pull tools, this release stops short of including full on haptics — the tech that 3D Systems inherited via Geomagic, following Geomagics’ prior acquisition of SensAble Technologies. But it does go someway to show how all the technologies and IP are merging into 3D Systems’ grand master plan of genuine 3D content to print.

Cubify Sculpt comes with a 14-day free trial and is priced at $129 (£83).

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