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3D Systems Acquires botObjects for CubePro® C Full-Color 3D Printer

Along with the Touch haptic stylus and demonstration VR software, 3D Systems will be showcasing a brand new desktop 3D printer.  Industrial 3D printing leader, 3D Systems, has today announced the acquisition of botObjects, the UK manufacturer of a unique desktop 3D printing system that made big headlines last year.  With the company’s technology, 3DS will be developing the CubePro® C, a full-color 3D printer.

botObjects raised a lot of excitement and controversy when they first announced their PlasticJet Printing (PJP) technology.  As was explained to me at Inside 3D Printing New York by the company’s CTO, the botObjects 3D printer sends CMYKW filaments into a single printhead, where they are heated and blended into any color that a computer file may determine.

3d systems acquires botobjects full color 3D printer CubePro® C

Many were skeptical of the technology, as the company did not disclose many specifics about how their technology worked.  Others were cynical about the term “full color” being used to describe the printing process, as it was clear from the company’s printed examples that colors blend from one to the next and that the technology lacked spot coloring, the ability to shift colors in a single layer.

3D Systems, however, appears not to be cynical or skeptical, incorporating the botObjects ProDesk3D immediately into their own line of CubePro C 3D printers.  The new CubePro C, with layer thicknesses as fine as 25 microns and speeds as high as 175 mm/s, will be available for $4,990.  The printer is capable of printing in PLA and ABS, as well as the support material PVA.

Martin Warner, co-founder and CEO of botObjects, said of the acquisition, “Joining the winning team at 3DS couldn’t have come at a better time as orders for our revolutionary full-color desktop printer continue to outstrip our resources. Together we can bring this powerful technology to more users faster. 3DS’ President and CEO, Avi Reichental, added, “We are thrilled to add groundbreaking full-color with ultra thin-layer and high-speed technology from botObjects to our expanding consumer and prosumer 3D printing portfolio. We are even more excited to team up with botObjects founders, Martin Warner and Mike Duma, and together democratize the availability of this powerful 3D printer and accelerate its adoption globally.”

Warner will now take on the role of Vice President and General Manger of botObjects for 3D Systems.  The botObjects division will fulfill its current backorders, while transitioning to the CubePro C line and expanding.   The CubePro C will be available with a limited release, but will eventually have greater availability later this year.