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3D Printing Pen 3Doodler Gets Even More Consumer-ready with 2.0 Version

There probably is not better time than the beginning of CES, the world’s leading consumer electronics show, to announce the new version of one of the most consumer-focused products in the entire 3D printing scenario. 3Doodler, the 3D printing (or 3D drawing) pen that already sold well over 100.000 units worldwide, is getting a complete makeover with the new 2.0 version that launched today on Kickstarter.

One of the reasons why the first 3Doodler has been so well received by consumers (apart from the fact that it does not require any CAD skills) is the around $100 price point. Super Early birds in the US were able to get the new 3Doodler 2.0 for just $50, with four packs of plastic-ink strip. The company is also offering a special $85 package for the first day of the campaign only for the next 500 funders.


If the consumer public was attracted to the first 3Doodler, which was bulky and hard to handle, they will definitely appreciate the new version, which is slimmer, lighter, faster and a lot cooler looking. The competition had been ensuing in the 3D Pen segment and 3Doodler, which is by far the market leader, has clearly set out to consolidate its current dominance.

The new pen has been reduce in size by a hefty 75% and it only weighs 50 grams, which is 50% of the previous version. It also has a sleek anodized aluminum casing which makes it more comfortable and easier to handle. There were a lot of other improvements, as requested by the growing community, which include a redesigned nozzle and re-engineered drive system, quitter airflow, dual speed control. There is even a new double click function for continuous flow, along with optimized power consumption.


A new set of accessories – all of which are included in the support package starting at $257 – include a portable battery Jet Pack, a Changeable Nozzle set and matching container, a Doodle Stand for the pen and plastic strips, and the already announced pedal, to give the fingers a rest on longer projects. 3Doodler has already surprised most of us for the incredible variety of complex designs that can be 3D drawn: as the 3Doodler EDU bundle support package indicates, this new pen will likely open up even more possibilities to an ever wider public.