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Weistek Introduces a 3D Printer for Kids on Kickstarter

3D printing company Weistek are launching a Kickstarter campaign on the 10th of May to make a kid friendly 3D printer. The MiniToy will be the first 3D printer made specifically for children, with a focus on education and fun!


Kids getting excited about 3D printing!
Kids getting excited about 3D printing!


The MiniToy can be used at home and at school, with hundreds of options for printing toys, accessories as well as educational tools. Kids can print historical artifacts, molecules and buildings, giving them a chance to have a more interactive educational experience.

Weistek was founded in 2011 in China, and has quickly become an industry leader, with a team of 20 research and development engineers, 2 approved patents and 10 pending approval.

Weistek’s CEO, Vicky Chen, said: “At Weistek, we believe that when the children stay ahead of the curve, everyone wins. So we created the MiniToy as a learning device for children to know more about this disruptive technology that’s already started to change the face of so many industries.”

What makes this printer different to others, and therefore more kid friendly? Firstly there’s the safety features. With all the mechanical parts hidden by brightly coloured surfaces, the machine looks more like a toy and is much safer than the printers already on the market.



The MiniToy will be simple to use, with a one touch print function. It is lightweight and all printing materials supplied by Weistek are toxic-free and biodegradable.

Secondly, Weistek are implementing a unique STEAM educational platform. The easy-to-use mobile app categorises each 3D model into a STEAM category and contains many STEAM-based activities that can be done at home or in school. The MiniToy will have a large library of 3D models to choose from, and will also have an online community platform for 3D model enthusiasts, educators and families.

A limited earlybird special gives early adopters the opportunity to save $200 by signing up to the email list at www.myminitoy.com. There is also a chance for teachers to win their own MiniToy for their school by visiting and liking their Facebook page. More information on the competition is available there.

This looks to be an amazing tool to get kids interesting in 3D printing in a safe, fun and educational way. You can find out more about the MiniToy and the upcoming Kickstarter here.