3D Printing Canada combines over 300 3D printer filaments with 40 years of experience

3D Printing Canada is a new 3D printer filament supplier from Hamilton, Ontario. A subsidiary of specialist engineering and design services company N3 Technologies founded by Richard Niedojadlo, it offers over 300 varieties of filaments with 1.75 and 2.85mm diameters. 

3D Printing Industry spoke to Richard Niedojadlo, who is 3D Printing Canada’s Director of operations, to get a better idea of how the company is using its experience in tooling, design and training to bring 3D printing to businesses and hobbyists alike.

Filament boxed and ready for shipping at 3d Pringting Canada HQ. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.
Filament boxed and ready for shipping at 3D Printing Canada HQ. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.

A 3D printing business with engineering expertise

3D Printing Canada offers dozens of filaments, resins, maintenance services and training courses to professionals and hobbyists alike. The founders decided to open a 3D printer filament business and become the reliable supplier and 3D printing service that was needed in the region.

N3 Technologies, the parent company of 3D Printing Canada was founded in 2014, and already provided a range of aerospace, automotive and power generation tooling and services. 40 years of experience in fabricating specialized tooling for assembly, machining, plating and field service paved the way for the new 3D printing service.

“After spending three years offering 3D printing services to our engineering clients at N3, we wanted to expand into a 3D printing supply shop,” says Richard Niedojadlo, “so other companies in a similar situation would have a reliable local and online vendor to shop with.”

Although primarily a 3D printer filament supplier, the applications of 3D printing are important to 3D Printing Canada’s business. “We have customers from every field and industry 3D printing,” explains Richard Niedojadlo, “from the home user printing toy figures to advanced medical applications.” Given the company’s engineering experience, customers continue to consult it for advice on materials.

The 3D printer filament in action. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.
The 3D printer filament in action. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.

Offering the best of all worlds

With its attention devoted to materials, services and applications, 3D Printing Canada stays on top of its field by regularly publishing reviews and advice on its blog for customers and enthusiasts. “With new materials being developed daily, 3D printing is becoming the clear choice for the future of manufacturing,” notes Richard Niedojadlo.

This, he explains is not just because of the “overall lower cost-footprint over traditional manufacturing techniques,” but also because it offers, for example, “the flexibility of prototyping parts in a live environment without the need for the major capital outlay required by CNC machines.”

3D Printing Canada is also making the prices of its 3D printer filament accessible to businesses and hobbyists alike. A 1 lb spool of black 2.85 mm Taulman Bridge nylon filament is priced at CA$21.95 (US$17.23), while 1 kg of 2.85 mm PLA 3D printer filament can be purchased for CA$27.95 (US$21.95).

Equally accessible are the FDM 3D printers and SLA resins offered. The Wanhao Duplicator 3D printers on offer begin at CA$287.95 (US$226.12) and support PLA, ABS, PVA and HIPS 3D printer filaments.

A range of Wanhao SLA 3D printing resins is available in white, grey, clear and black. 3D Printing Canada also offers free post-purchase support and free shipping within Canada for filament orders over $115.

3D Printing Canada, a 3D printing industry game changer

But beyond providing materials, hardware, and 3D printing services, 3D Printing Canada is taking note of trends in additive manufacturing processes. The company is filling the gaps in the 3D printing supply chain by giving businesses a greater say in the prototyping stages.

“Many products manufactured are starting their prototypes in the form of a 3d print,” says Richard Niedojadlo, “the ability to give business control over their manufacturing process is an industry game changer.”

Filament in the 3D printing Canada Warehouse. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.
A warehouse containing filament of all colours and materials at the 3D printing Canada HQ in Hamilton, Ontario. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.

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Featured image shows just some of the 3D printer filaments ready for shipping. Photo via 3D Printing Canada.

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