Making One of the Most Important 3D Printing Accessories a Bit More Creative

Even if your 3D printer manufacturer did include a filament spool holder in the kit or assembled 3D printer you just purchased, chances are it is a very basic object that could use quite a bit of improvement and personalization. Swedish 3D printing retailer Creative Tools has just published a video of a fully 3D printable holder that fits pretty much every size spool with shaft holes ranging from 16 mm to 62 mm.

Creative Tools large spool holder

The fully 3D printable open source project (all files are available as a free download from Thingiverse) is entirely made of filament, it is even held together by using pieces of filament instead of fasteners. It can be used for spools and also – through an additional 3D printable attachment – for spool less filament. In either case the spindle which holds the spool’s weight rotates on its own roller wheels, making it turn effortlessly and smoothly.

Creative Tools 3d printable spool holder

While users can arguably remix it and further improve it, the Creative Tools version already includes a significant improvement over basic spool holders: an arm for filament guide tubes of both 1.75 and 3 mm sizes. The same arm also features a small opening to insert a small piece of sponge that can act as a filament filter and lubricant, keeping out the dirt and keeping the extrusion running more smoothly.

Creative Tools 3d printed spool arm up close

As said, building the model requires no glue or fasteners and all the single parts are fairly easy to 3D print, and for those who just purchased a new 3D printer and are approaching 3D printing for the first time it is a great project to start with. And possibly one they will get the most use out of.

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