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3D Printing a Solution on Demand — Canon Flash Diffusers

Eric Chu writes for Make Magazine and is himself a maker. His most recent project was conceived to solve a problem encountered by the photo intern at Make who Eric regularly witness taping pieces of paper to his camera flash to act as a light bounce. It was a regular occurrence because the paper bounce was not particularly durable and each one was consigned to recycling after on a few days.

The result was that Eric came up with a more durable, 3D printed solution based on the most desirable shapes for a diffuser, as determined by the intern, which turned out to be rectangular and triangular versions, depending on the circumstances and surrounding conditions.

Flash Diffuser

Taking into account the shape and dimensions of the camera and flash – a Canon Speedlight 580EX II – Eric  digitally modelled first the rectangular version in Autodesk Inventor and then 3D printed it on an Ultimaker 3D printer using clear PLA. Once this was optimized, the triangular version followed providing maximum surface area for greater light diffusion. Both versions of the diffuser were printed using the Joris setting in Cura, which allows the part to be printed out in a gradual spiral. Even with just one wall, the parts have proved quite strong and are still in action after several weeks of daily use.

Eric has shared the Autodesk Inventor files and printing instructions on Thingiverse.

Source: MAKE