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Mcor Accounces its Largest 3D Printer Distribution Channel to Date

Dunleer, Ireland, based Mcor Technologies Ltd has announced the addition of WYNIT Distribution, LLC to its already impressive global distribution network. WYNIT will distribute Mcor 3D printers throughout the United States and Canada. North Syracuse, NY, based WYNIT is a leading national distributor of consumer electronics, photography, wide format printing and security products. The company distributes to a range of outlets including large national retailers and independent resellers.

Mcor Technologies Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of the only 3D printers in the world that print in paper. The company’s products feature a range of full-colour, eco-friendly 3D printers that use ordinary business paper as the build material. The output is highly durable and stable.

Mcor 3D Printing

Mcor operates internationally from offices based in Ireland, the United Kingdom and America. The company has witnessed a very high rate of channel growth. Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor expanded: “The number of [Mcor’s distribution channel] partners increased by 227% in the past year; as a result, sales growth is about 308% for the same period.”

Mcor states that the company will continue to seek distribution partners across the globe for the company’s ambitious 2014 growth plan. On the back of the continuing rapid growth in sales of three dimensional printers WYNIT Distribution joins a growing number of organisations that are joining Mcor’s partner program to add this innovative 3D printing technology to their product portfolio.

Geof Lewis, President and Chief Executive Officer of WYNIT Distribution, LLC said: “We have a rich legacy in identifying and distributing high-demand technology .We believe that Mcor’s low cost, full colour 3D printing solution is precisely what the market needs and will make a great addition to our product line.”

Dr. MacCormack added: “We are very pleased to welcome WYNIT to the Mcor family. WYNIT will provide increased market coverage for Mcor in the US and Canada, making true colour paper 3D printing more widely accessible and well supported in more regions.”

You can catch additional insight on the full colour paper three dimensional printing presented by Dr. MacCormack in the following video: