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3D Printer CreatorBot Launches on Kickstarter–Promising Commercial Grade, Large-Scale Builds

There are very few 3D Printers on the market that are durable enough for you to stand on. The CreatorBot, built by a dynamic father and son team, Tom and Ben Kilar, is engineered to last, has large print volumes, and – is affordable.

3D printing is a precise process and good quality printing requires a stable platform. The printer needs to be able to run long cycles and not overheat,” states Tom Kilar.

The CreatorBot tackles these problems head on. With a rigid aluminium frame, stainless steel linear rails, and linear ball bearings, the CreatorBot can maintain precision alignment and smooth motion. To prevent overheating from large creations that require long print times, the controller board has direct cooling and high capacity heat sinks.

Creatorbot 3d printing

Other unique features include:

  • An aluminum bed carriage that’s laser cut and CNC fabricated for exactness of fit.
  • Lightweight remote driver printhead (Bowden type) to minimize weight at the printer nozzle.
  • Build plate that only needs a light coat of PVA and a magnetic latch to hold the plate in place.
  • Bed levelling is simplified with a three point mount.

With a pledge of $1295 or more, you’ll get a CreatorBot, Dual Head 3D Printer for ABS that will be fully assembled and calibrated out of the box. That’s a small price to pay for such a durable, lasting printer with such a large build size.

To learn more, check out the campaign here or watch the video below.