3D printing business news roundup: GE, Stryker, LPW, Robo3D and Nano Dimension

In this article, 3D Printing Industry take a look at recent business activity and investment news from GE, Stryker, LPW Technology, TNSC, Robo3D and Nano Dimension.

GE appoints new CEO and enters partnership with Stryker  

John Flannery has been named the new Chairman and CEO of multinational conglomerate corporation GE (NYSE: GE). As the former President and CEO of the GE Healthcare subsidiary, Flannery’s expertise is also inline with the direction undertaken by the 3D printing arm of the company.

Consensus among sources across the 3D printing industry do not anticipate this change in leadership at GE to alter the direction significantly of the GE Additive business unit.

Design for Stryker's 3D printed Titanium lumbar cages. Image via
Design for Stryker’s 3D printed Titanium lumbar cages. Image via

Other news from GE sees GE Additive entering into a new 3D printer business partnership with medical technology provider Stryker. The agreement between the two companies, “will accelerate our additive manufacturing journey and support our mission to make healthcare better,” says John Haller, Vice President of Global Supply at Stryker.

Vice President and General Manager of GE Additive,Mohammad Ehteshami, notes

GE and Stryker share a similar vision and both of us understand the transformative power of additive design and manufacturing. We regard Stryker as one of the most experienced practitioners of metal additive, with a range of commercialised medical products. We will continue to innovate with new additive products, materials, and technologies, which will support their growth.

Stryker was previously featured on 3D Printing Industry for when the company received FDA clearance for a 3D printed spinal fusion device made from super-strength “Tritanium.”

LPW Technology enters metal powder distribution partnership with TNSC

UK based LPW Technology has announced a new strategic alliance for distribution with Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC).

TNSC is a multinational industrial manufacturer and distributor of gas based in Japan. The partnership brings on TNSC and its US subsidiary MATHESON Tri-Gas as an official supplier of LPW’s metal powders, produced especially for additive manufacturing applications.

Competition in the metal powder market is heating up, with growth of 60% anticipated.

Metal powder produced for additive manufacturing my LPW Technology. Photo via @LPWTechnology on Twitter
Metal powder produced for additive manufacturing my LPW Technology. Photo via @LPWTechnology on Twitter

Dermot Desmond, Asia Pacific Sales Manager for LPW Technology, said

This alliance with TNSC is truly ground-breaking for the industry and will lead to further understanding of the total AM process and ultimately the development of more robust processes and novel alloys.

The 3D printed metal powders and quality control providers also recently received a $25 million investment from Stratasys towards new production facilities in the UK and the US.

Robo3D suspends trading pending financing update

According to documents filed with the Australian Stock Exchange Robo3D are poised to make an announcement about financing. Trading in the 3D printer manufacturer’s stock has temporarily been suspended at the request of the company, pending an imminent announcement.

Nano Dimension raises $4.8 million

Nano Dimension, the Israeli company known for its DragonFly 2020 electronics 3D printer, has released more details about money raised in its most recent round of funding.

Israeli institutional investors Shotfut Menayot Israel HaPhoenix Amitim together with Phoenix Investment and Finances Ltd. are confirmed as backed in the $4.8 million financing round.

Nano Dimension 3D printed electronics. Photo via FATHOM.
Nano Dimension 3D printed electronics. Photo via FATHOM.

As previously reported by 3D Printing Industry, Nano Dimension plan to use the money to fund sales and marketing activities, scaling up of production, R&D, licensing and working capital.

Simon Fried, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Nano Dimension, recently gave us his perspective on the future of 3D Printing.

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Featured image: A 3D printed metal mesh ball. Photo via GE Additive