3D printing business news: Nano Dimension raises $4.7 million, Stage One launches Fluxaxis and Graphene 3D Lab partnership

Here is a round-up of recent 3D printing business news, including Nano Dimension raising $4.7 million, Stage One investing $1 million to launch startup, and a partnership between Graphene 3D Lab and AzTrong.

Nano Dimension raises $4.7 Million 

Israeli company, Nano Dimension has announced it has raised nearly $5 million through private placement agreements with Israeli and other non-US investors. 3D Printing Industry spoke to the company to find out more about the investment. According to Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension, the funding is from the original group of investors. Amit Dror explains how Nano Dimension will use the investment,

Nano Dimension intends to use the proceeds to fund sales and marketing activities of its printers, scaling up of its production facilities, production expenses relating to its printers and inks, research and development, potential licensing, as well as for general working capital and other corporate purposes.

Nano Dimension, along with announcing Q1 revenues of $118,000 earlier this year, announced another investment of $4 million from Ayalim Trust Funds.

Large scale part fabricated by Fluxaxis in a CNC machine. Photo via Fluxaxis.
Large scale part fabricated by Fluxaxis in a CNC machine. Photo via Fluxaxis.

Stage One invests $1 million into Fluxaxis

British construction and manufacturing company Stage One has launched 3D printing startup, Fluxaxis with an initial investment of $1 million. Fluxaxis will offer digital manufacturing services will a range of machines including the HP Jet Fusion 4200, Massivit 1800 and Stratasys Fortus 900mc. As a result, the startup hopes to offer the ability to create large-scale parts and address the increasing demand for the technology. Director of Fluxaxis, Edwin Stokes explains,

Designers, marketers, architects, manufacturers, retailers, film and theatre companies. Everyone is exploring how 3D print can enrich their productions. By removing technical barriers we are enabling a new creative and fast-track approach, uninhibited by scale and intricacy.

Director of Fluxaxis, Edwin Stokes. Photo via Fluxaxis.
Director of Fluxaxis, Edwin Stokes. Photo via Fluxaxis.

Graphene 3D Lab partners with AzTrong

North American materials company Graphene 3D Lab has signed a memorandum of understanding with fellow graphene material producers AzTrong. AzTrong has significant capabilities with its 100-ton production facility in Taiwan and the strategic partnership will see the two companies collaborate on graphene production. As Graphene 3D Labs co-CEO, Dr. Daniel Stolyarov, explains,

We believe that this partnership is key to the successful commercialization of graphene products. So far, the market penetration of our products was hindered by the lack of manufacturing capabilities in our Calverton, NY facility. That is why we are delighted to find a reliable business partner who will assist us in implementing our ideas for new products at the commercial scale.

Graphene 3D Labs is currently developing graphene-infused polymer filaments for 3D printing, and intends to accelerate the business with this new partnership. Graphene material is tipped to be a revolutionary material for its advanced strength, however harnessing the theoretic properties at scale is still an illusive task where further research is required.

To illustrate the potential of graphene MIT recently reproduced it’s advanced geometry with 3D printing.

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Featured image shows Nano Dimension 3D printed circuit board.