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3D Printed Weird but Wonderful

3D Printing has the capability to get the creative juices flowing for makers and designers around world. Onyx Ashanti, a German based musician and artist, is a great example of someone who can find new creative frontiers within music and he put together a music video with his 3D printed “left parameter feedback bot named Boogie”.

According to Peter Kirn at CreateDigitalMusic.com  “Onyx Ashanti is insane! – in the special, essential way that makes certain brilliant musicians….having crossed from the US to Berlin, he’s a rare virtuoso of wind instruments and electronic improvisation, the kind of musically-free soul who can just let loose live. But his latest project really crosses into some new territory.”

Boogie shares a brain with the beatjazz prosthesis and you can have a look at the fascinating outcome in the video link below:

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