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An Update from Makible — The MakiBox 3D Printer is Nearly Here

Jonathan Buford, Founder of Makible, the company developing the much-anticipated MakiBox 3D printer, yesterday provided some insight into how the Beta testing is coming along. In a timely post, titled  ‘CAD Models and Production Planning with a side of Site Improvements’ he offered a glimpse of the beta building process with a video log as well as what early adopters can expect in terms of features when their MakiBox arrives — which shouldn’t be too long now.

Jon imparted: “We are building the parts to the betas now, and have most of the connective components created. This week we will wrap up a few that we make using CNC cut acrylic and next week we will do more using laser cut acrylic.

“In the last couple of weeks we’ve also been getting some issues with the new store payment processing worked out as well as adding additional shipping options for most places. If you still have exceptional shipping rates, please use the Quote Me selection to finish your order and we will see what we can do. We’ve gotten about half of the original orders confirmed, so if you haven’t yet confirmed your orders because you are waiting on shipping, please at least submit what you would like to order, and we will work with you to find a reasonable shipping amount.

“For any other pre-orders that haven’t updated your choices by next Monday (Jan 21st), we will start automatically processing your order to be a MakiBox A6 HT with the best shipping method that fits within your credit available. After that, we will start the final production planning and work out the final schedule for all current orders.

“The forums now have notifications enabled, so hopefully that will be more useful for everyone.”

It is going to be exciting when these 3D printers — priced at $200–400, depending on the model of choice — land in the hands of makers, and we start to see just what is possible with 3D printing at this price point. It could just prove to be the tipping point for wider adoption — particularly within the vast maker community. And we could see a whole host of new PrintCaves emerging, not to mention new apps.

Source: Makible

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