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3D Printed ‘Shoes by Bryan’

I was delighted to get a note from Bryan Oknyansky, a shoe designer based in London that retails under the name “Shoes by Bryan.” Bryan is a designer that has fully embraced 3D printing technology in his manufacturing process — but with an emphasis on producing designs that look fantastic AND are easy to wear. The latest design in his 2013 Spring/Summer collection is called Split Heels — 3D printed high heel shoes that are constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic while being easy and comfortable to wear.  nd what’s more, Split Heels can be made to measure courtesey of 3D printing and are offered with a number of colour styling options.

Commenting on the Split heels and their appeal, Bryan says:

“Split Heels are the first of their kind in the world. The process of making Split Heels is on the leading edge of technology, which makes them experimental art works as well as statement shoes. As such, buying a pair of Split Heels is different from buying an ordinary pair of heels. My clients have bought their Split Heels as much because they are amazing and perfectly comfortable statement shoes as they are collectible art works from an emerging artist. They see it as an investment that will make way for more visionary footwear from me and the Shoes By Bryan brand.”

Browse the gallery below to see the various options of the Split Heels up close, as well as modelled and on the catwalk.

[nggallery id=88]

All images courtesey of Bryan Oknyansky ©

A pair of split heels will set you back £390, but if you are tempted, they can be ordered from Shoes by Bryan directly, or by appointment.

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