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3D Printed Jewellery Extravaganza

It’s Friday and time for another 3D printed showdown. This week it’s all about jewellery – one of the most exciting and inspirational sectors in which 3D printing technologies can be applied to make the most imaginative, wearable creations.

Take a look at the slideshow below, highlighting our top-10 pieces (in no particular order) – and if you think we’ve been unjust by leaving something objectively better out, why not leave a comment and/or point us to the 3D printed jewellery that inspires you.

And drop by next week for a more in-depth article on 3D printing within the jewellery sector and full profiles of some of the talent highlighted here.

[nggallery id=15]

Image sources: Silvia Weidenbach, Michiel Cornelissen, Unellenu, Geraldesign, Electrobloom, Steve Marshall, Up To Much, Nervous System, Marina Noronha, A. Square