3D Printed Christmas – Comes More than Once a Year

Half way through March and Christmas tends to exist as a dim and distant memory, and thoughts of December next are not even registering on the horizon.

However, if you are a Christmas lover and you don’t mind a bit of festive cheer regardless of the time of year, this story will warm the cockles of your heart even as winter lingers and staves off spring — across much of Northern Europe, anyway!

Prior to Christmas of last year, Ponoko, the online 3D printing (amongst other things) service provider, teamed up with 3D software program ZW3D and 3D model library GrabCAD to host a Holiday Design Challenge. This type of challenge is becoming more and more popular, but sometimes, while the winning designs are announced and displayed in digital format, we don’t always get to see the 3D printed results!

Well, Ponoko has ensured that in this case, we do get a glimpse. The holiday design challenge resulted in more than 85 entries from around the world, and Ponoko has revealed the final 3D printed designs of the winners that came in first and third place. Pictures are below, but check out the source link to find out more about the people behind these designs and their 3D printing experiences as a result of the competition.

Tan Teck Wee of Singapore won first prize with his flying toy train.

Ponoko Train

Third place went to Antonio Babler of Michigan for his Santa Safe. Antonio has plans to paint his print, which was made with Ponoko’s ivory Durable Gloss Plastic.

Ponoko Santa Safe

Source: Ponoko

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