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3D printable attention to detail from Type3 CAD software for jewelry design

Using 3D printing for jewelry design opens up new possibilities for unique crafted objects, but creators need powerful tools. The suite of CAD/CAM software from Type3 is specially designed for industries that require such precision.

Designing a timepiece with Type3 3DESIGN
Designing a timepiece with Type3 3DESIGN

Links to metal additive manufacturing at Airbus and Safran

Type3 is a software subsidiary of Gravotech – an engraving, product marking, and technology provider based in France.

Gravotech’s brand identification techniques are used by industry leaders such as Dassault Systèmes (EPA:DSY), who provide additive manufacturing software solutions to Airbus, and Safran, who also design aircrafts. The TYPE3 CAA software is integrated in Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPEREINCE product viewing platform, seen in virtual reality at CES 2017.

With Gravotech’s experience, Type3 is supported by a diverse team of software engineers, business developers, bench jewelers and designers, who all contribute to designing software with the end-user in mind.

Effortless design solutions

Type3’s 3DESIGN, is software specifically created for jewelry. Speaking to Pooja Sahny, Sales and Support Manager for Type3 UK, 3D Printing Industry learned that 3DESIGN Version 9“allows our users to create twisted wire, technical drawings with measurements, and a bypass ring within a matter of minutes.”

Timeless jewelry pieces

Having a digital and accurate record of technical specifications is advantageous compared to traditional methods. Changes can be made easily, without the need for redrafting.

Type3 parametric technology also allows 3D models to be edited at a later stage in the production lifecycle.

Bypass rings, created by 3DESIGN “within a matter of minutes,” are a style of engagement ring first popularized in the Victorian Era and enjoying a resurgence among those who admire vintage design. A bypass ring is composed of overlapping bands making it tricky to balance their design.

Feature of a bypass ring
Feature of a bypass ring.

Twisted wires, like bypass rings, are jewelry motifs symbolic of two ‘strands’ coming together to become one. Designing such a piece in a CAD program is complicated as the two wires have to merge into one solid piece, though still appear as separate parts. Twisted wires can also be composed of contrasting material, so it is essential to be able to communicate that in the design.

A digital sculptor

3SHAPER is Type3’s sculpting tool that allows users to digitally shape an object as they would with their hands in clay.

Organic shapes in fashion accessories are show as a potential use case for the tool, alongside an ability to finely tune details of a watch model.

Snake jewel shoes designed by Thomas Schafroth in 3SHAPER
Snake jewel shoes designed by Thomas Schafroth in 3SHAPER

Sales and support manager Pooja Sahny also adds that, “3SHAPER […] has the parametric ability through the use of color.”

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Featured image shows 3DESIGN software used to create a ring. All photos and images in this article, including the featured image, are courtesy of Type3.