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3D Models For UK – 3D For US

The latest start-up to offer a miniature model has hit the web recently, a UK company called ‘3D For US.’ The company produces models for you directly from your photos, creating a realistic three-dimensional model of, to quote, ‘your memorable moment, such as graduation, wedding or pregnancy.’

The process is user friendly: upload your photographs and 3D For US ‘use the up to date computational technology’ to transfer them into 3D models. Their CAD / CG artist then renders fine touches to the customer’s 3D-model to make them photo accurate. Once the customer has approved our design, 3D For US 3D print print the 3D-model and then ship it to the customer’s door.

3DforUS 3D Printed Sculpture3D For US have a head-quarter base located in the Innovation Centre of the University of Exeter, UK. They cooperate with CALM and X-AT from the University of Exeter to provide a personalized 3D-model service world-wide.

3DforUS 3D Printed Sculpture

You can find 3D For US here.