3D Modelling/Printing Company Handprint Wins the Feld Google Fiber House Challenge

Brad Feld, a professional investor seemingly passionate about all things tech (and marathons), organized quite an amazing opportunity for start-ups to participate in a competition called the Feld KC FiberHouse, where the grand price was a rent-free residency/workspace year in a house in Kansas City equipped with Google Fiber 1GB internet connection. The lucky winner moving their equipment to the fiber house is Handprint, a company dedicated to creating a quick & easy browser-based 3D model editing/printing app.

This is not the first time Brad has been involved with helping companies getting started on their journey, as he has invested and/or sat on the boards of over a dozen companies during his career. In this case, however, there are no hidden strings attached – in return for offering the Feld Fiberhouse for Handprint, he doesn’t get any equity in the company or other compensation – except for of course a front seat in watching yet another 3DP company trying to make themselves a household name in the community and beyond.

Congratulations to Handprint, we’re looking forward to seeing what the team can accomplish during their stay at the internet haven!

The Handprint House Handheld

Source: Feld