DesignX – Digital Technology Workshops at the ICFF in May

DesignX is a series of digi tech workshops taking place next month from 18th to 21st  May at the 25th annual design fair ICFF at NYC’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The approach is a hands-on one, intended to provide attendees with further knowledge on digital tools, fab on-demand and cloud based apps and how they can be used as a means to unleash the creativity within. It’s intended for all designers, manufacturers and, in fact, anyone interested in learning about new tech trends in the world of design.

With 3D printing being one of the most currently talked about new manufacturing technologies in the field of design in general, it’s no wonder several workshops are dedicated to this topic at the ICFF. The organizers have gathered a few familiar 3D printing industry faces to address, inform and teach people about 3DP tech, such as Nervous System’s designer Jessica Rosenkrantz and Shapeways’ evangelist Duann Scott, so real insights and learning experiences are on the agenda.

The topics of the workshops vary from very basic to more advanced ones, with themes such as Introduction to 3D printing for designers, Hands-on desktop prototyping for designers and 3DP fabrics: modeling interlocking elements with Rhino3D. Even the ‘4D printing’ theme, the self-assembling molecular structures we reported on earlier is represented at DesignX, with Skylar Tibbits explaining this potentially disrupting paradigm affecting the future of different fields of design.

The prices for participating in these workshops are reasonably low, set at either $69 or $139. If you want to take a more detailed look of all the presenters and other information or reserve a spot for yourself, hit the source link(s) below.

Source: Design X, ICFF