3D Printing

$2.5M in Private Equity Funding for leading 3D Printing Service Sculpteo

In a bid to accelerate the growth of its 3D printing business, Sculpteo has just announced that the company has secured $2.5 million of private equity funding from XAnge.

Sculpteo is one of the original online 3D printing service providers — accommodating the 3D data and 3D printing requirements of businesses and consumers — and continues to develop its innovative 3D printing cloud solutions, which it launched in 2009. Sculpteo indicates that specific focus will continue with further developments for making 3D data and 3D printing more accessible via smartphone apps, web apps, embeddable stores and customization tools as well as a dedicated drive to accelerate further growth in the United States.

Beyond the impetus that this will provide Sculpteo and its growing user base, this investment is a further signal of the wider appreciation that 3D printing is garnering within the business sector.

Sculpteo also took the opportunity to add a rather nice personal touch to its funding announcement, while acknowledging the road ahead: “Thanks to all of you who have been following us along these passionate years, it is just the beginning!”

At 3DPI we offer our congratulations to Sculpteo and look forward to reporting on further developments in 2013 — we believe the 3D printing industry will only continue to get bigger and better.