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AB3DLabs Launches 2D to 3D Printing App

AB3DLabs believe that 3D printing and design will flourish in mainstream culture with the right tools, and they want to bring them to you.

With the introduction of level based apps to help guide users through the difficult 3D educational process, AB3DLabs’ vision is to spread the mastery of 3D printing and design to anyone who wants to explore their creativity. These apps are available on all Windows, Android, iOS or OS X devices, making the software very accessible and portable for everyone.

The platform is simple enough for a person of any skill level to use. The educational potential of this software is extraordinary, as it is essentially a learning tool for those who don’t quite understand three dimensionality yet. Watch this 4 year old design a toy train using the 2D to 3D software, AB3DBasic.

By sketching any two faces of an object, from its top, front or sides views you can have an immediate 3D object to start with.

The company wanted to release something that was completely different to what the masses are facing now. The 3D design software is super easy to use, and has an extremely easy learning curve. No previous knowledge is required, just watch a four minute tutorial and off you go!

I spoke to founder and CEO Mohamed Tageldin today and he told me a bit about what his company is about.

“We established in Geneva, in November 2014, and have been in business for about 18 months. We have a patent in technology to transform 2D sketches into 3D designs. This allowed us to develop a 3D app that is easy for everyone to use. We first launched the beta software in February this year, and it’s in the market now for $9.99, free for 15 days at first. You can still use it for free after this time, but it won’t have as many features.”

Mohamed wants to bundle the software with printers.

“It has been tested with Makerbot to make sure it worked smoothly. All printers should work smoothly. From your phone it is easy to send to print.”

“I attended most of the 3D printing shows and expos, and after meeting people in the industry I discovered there wasn’t really an application for beginners” Mohamed said. “I really wanted to develop something that could be used by anyone with any skill level”.

Included in this is the education market. Mohamed has begun talks with various schools across Europe to design a curriculum around 3D printing and design with Fab Labs, working with children as young as 5 beginning in 2017.

“Schools have seen my software and really liked the ease of access,” he said. “Because of our patent there is nothing else like it on the market”

“This is also a great app for designing personalised objects, gifts and text. It was previously very difficult to convert text to a 3D model, but my app makes it very easy”

You can find out more about AB3DBasic and upcoming applications here.


About the company

AB3DLabs is a Swiss company (Société Anonyme), that works in innovations and 3D design software to facilitate 3D printing. AB3DLabs also develops educational 3D STEM-based Curricula for K-12 and Training courses for the public. AB3DLabs owns a Patent that enabled it for the unique simplicity and unprecedented ease of its programs. The startup’s CEO and founder, Mohamed Tageldin is currently looking for e-commerce partners in Europe to expand his reach to a more global level.