Zortrax launches new materials, medical 3D printer and Powerful Trio offering at Formnext

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Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has announced a significant expansion of its product portfolio at the Formnext trade show. 

With its Powerful Trio offering, Zortrax has introduced an end-to-end 3D printing package which has been validated with Henkel and BASF Forward AM, so that users know they’ll get guaranteed results right out of the box. Alongside this bundle, the firm is also showcasing a set of Ultracur3D resins validated for its machines, as well as a new 3D printer with wide-ranging medical potential at the show.  

“Zortrax and BASF Forward AM joined forces already in the early stages of the machine development, allowing a well-thought-through validation process and excellent fit of resins to the Inkspire 2 characteristics,” said Dr. Piotr A. Bazuła, Global Key Account and Business Development at BASF. “The unique composition of the printer’s high intensity UV light engine, easy, automated, and user-friendly Cleaning and Curing Stations are a perfect match with the Ultracur3D resins.” 

The Zortrax booth at Formnext 2022. Photo via Zortrax.
The Zortrax booth at Formnext 2022. Photo via Zortrax.

Zortrax’s FFF and resin printing portfolio 

Initially, Zortrax made a name for itself in the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) space with the launch of the M200 Plus and M300 Plus. The firm has since built on this offering with the launch of the Inventure and Endureal, machines with wider material compatibility, plus dual extrusion functionality and high temperature deposition capabilities, respectively. 

With the launch of the Inkspire in 2018, Zortrax has since moved into the resin 3D printing space. Designed to address low-to-medium scale production needs, the machine features a high-resolution LED, which is capable of printing third-party resins, provided they’re curable at a wavelength of 405nm. That said, the Inkspire’s open-material nature hasn’t stopped the firm developing its own materials. 

Last year alone, the company launched its space-grade Z-PEEK 3D printing material and a new Z-PEI 1010 PEI filament, that when used with the Endureal is said to yield high strength and chemical-resistant parts. More recently, as part of its efforts to build out its portfolio, Zortrax has introduced the Inkspire 2, a machine with a seven-times more powerful light engine, unlocking wider material compatibility.

The Zortrax Powerful Trio offering. Photo via Zortrax.
The Zortrax Powerful Trio offering. Photo via Zortrax.

An extensive Formnext refresh

Across its comprehensive launch offering at Formnext, Zortrax’s headline announcement has been the introduction of its Powerful Trio. This product bundle includes a Zortrax Inkspire 2, Cleaning Station, Curing Station and a range of engineering resins developed by the likes of Henkel and BASF Forward AM. The idea behind the package is that models it has been used to produce have been checked and approved by both partners, so adopters know exactly what they’re getting into. 

Building on its prior relationship with BASF, which has seen the pair work on FFF materials, Zortrax has now validated a range of Ultracur3D resins for the Zortrax Inkspire 2 as well. In other material news, the firm is also showcasing new materials for the Endureal and LPD Plus at its booth, in addition to Victrex AM 200 FIL, a PAEK with high abrasion, heat and corrosion resistance for demanding applications. 

In terms of samples, Zortrax is exhibiting the first successful demonstrators with electrically activated movement printed on the M300 Dual 3D printer under a European Space Agency (ESA) contract. As part of the initiative, the firm has been able to deploy a multi-material printing feature it’s developing for its Z-SUITE software, to achieve 4D printing. 

Elsewhere on the software side of its business, Zortrax has introduced a tool that allows users to convert .gcode into .zcode and .zcodex2 files, thus enabling them to more easily adapt files for use with the Endureal. The company has also launched a new 3D printer and complementing software for medical customers, though it says attendees will have to come to hall 11.1, stand C28 to find out more. 
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Zortrax-validated BASF Forward AM and Henkel Loctite resins. Photo via Zortrax.
Zortrax-validated BASF Forward AM and Henkel Loctite resins. Photo via Zortrax.

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Featured image shows the Zortrax booth at Formnext 2022. Photo via Zortrax.