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Zortrax offers free filament

3D printing giant Zortrax is celebrating 100,000 Facebook fans by offering five spools of material and free worldwide shipping to anyone that buys an M200 printer.

You can access the bundle here, it costs $1990 and you can place your order right now:


The professional level M200 printer launched as a Kickstarter project in 2013. It features an automated levelling system, a relatively huge 200x200x185mm build area and it is optimized for use with ABS.

It is also famously easy to set up and won 3D Hubs’ Best of Plug’N’Play award this year.

Dell’s massive order cemented the success

It became an instant sensation when computing giant Dell ordered 5000 of the printers before the funding was even completed. Since then, Zortrax has amassed a legion of fans around the world and an almighty social media following.

It has embraced content marketing and the Facebook page links to some stunning videos. They include the story of a blind woman that got to feel the face of her fiancé as a child with the help of a 3D model produced on an M200.

Other great posts include tutorials on how to make a superhero mask that are all contained on the Zortax Library.

This could well boost its profile much higher as it makes it simple to download, view and share models with the rest of the 3D printing community. This library contains all of the famous Zortrax models, as well as a series of exclusive designs by artists Samuel Bernier, NIXA, Joe Bowers and Craig Barr.

Stunning visuals, a commitment to storytelling and a great product have all paid off in terms of the company’s brand exposure and social media presence. Now, with more than 100,000 Facebook fans to its name, Zortrax wants to give something back to the community.

3D printing giant Zortrax is celebrating 100,000 Facebook fans by offering five spools of material and free worldwide shipping to anyone that buys an M200 printer.

Free filament will help you get going

The five spools of filament will help get you started printing some of the most advanced designs that a printer in this price bracket could cope with.

Don’t think it’s limited to little plastic models, the Zortrax M200 has already had a serious impact on the fashion industry and a Polish team has even used the M200 to create a prototype artificial heart.

So if you have the imagination and the desire, then the M200 can achieve almost anything in your hands. You’re not limited to basic PLA, either.

The colours are random, but the pack includes:

  • 1 spool of Z-ULTRAT
  • 1 spool of Z-HIPS
  • 1 spool of Z-PETG
  • 1 spool of Z-PCABS
  • 1 spool of Z-GLASS

This means you can produce almost anything with the M200 straight out of the box.

For pros, or for keen enthusiasts

The reasonable price tag means that the Zortrax M200 is a justifiable expense for a committed hobbyist, but it is aimed at the pro market as a rapid prototyping tool.

It can handle limited run production of certain products, too, as it offers total repeatability. With high-end ABS that offers a polished finish, the end product can be every bit as good as an injection molded alternative.

So if you want to step up your 3D printing game, then now is the time to buy the Zortrax M200. You’ll get the five spools of filament to help offset the cost and you’ll get to join one of the most active communities of 3D printers on the web.

These are exciting times at Zortrax, we wish them well with the offer.