ZMorph acquired by Polish “deeptech” enterprise Sygnis

Sygnis SA has acquired a majority stake in ZMorph SA. ZMorph will operate as a distinct subsidiary of the Sygnis Group. The acquisition was formalized on the 29th of July 2022.

Sygnis SA is a “deeptech company” that is involved in research and development in the field of hardware technology. Sygnis Group says it is currently working on numerous projects that address issues related to innovative technology for additive manufacturing, biotech, nanotechnology, and power engineering. The company’s foundation comprises interconnected teams of experts and scientists and a well-established sales department, which distributes solutions provided by the company’s business partners. Sygnis SA has been listed on the NewConnect market since December 2021.

Andrzej Burgs (left) and Grzegorz Kaszyński from Sygnis SA Management Board. Photo via Sygnis SA.
Andrzej Burgs (left) and Grzegorz Kaszyński from Sygnis SA Management Board. Photo via Sygnis SA.

Andrzej Burgs, President of Sygnis, explained, “In its strategy, Sygnis planned to create the Sygnis Group, which will include, among others, a company that is a manufacturer of 3D printing machines. Initial assumptions about the implementation of strategy included a lead time of 2 years. At this point, the opportunity to acquire ZMorph causes us to achieve this strategic goal right now.”

ZMorph President, Grzegorz Kaszynski, said, “I am very proud that we were able to add ZMorph to the Sygnis Group. It is one of the most important brands [in] the Polish 3D printing market and, above all, very recognizable worldwide. ZMorph’s unique design and emphasis on quality, combined with Sygnis’ R&D strength, will certainly quickly result in new solutions for the company’s offerings.”

The Supervisory Board of ZMorph SA has appointed Grzegorz Kaszynski President of ZMorph SA and Andrzej Burgs as Vice President. Grzegorz Kaszynski is still Vice President of Sygnis SA and the Commercial Director for the whole Sygnis Group. As a seasoned Commercial Director, Grzegorz Kaszynski, in his role at ZMorph SA, will focus on expanding sales networks and enhancing relationships with customers.

Burgs commented, “The effect of this synergy will most likely be visible by the end of this year, forming an important part of the company’s strategy. The products developed at Sygnis may become an important element in the further development of the newly acquired company and may be transferred to ZMorph in the future.”

ZMorph SA has operated since 2012, offering 3D printing solutions for education and industrial use. Sygnis says the acquisition means Sygnis Group will become the leading 3D printing company in the Polish additive manufacturing industry.

This rapid expansion of Sygnis SA is one of the objectives of the company’s plan of action announced at the start of the new year. Sygnis President stated that headcount will grow because the company is trying to “expand our recruitment field by starting cooperation with various talented people in the region. By investing in ZMorph as the Sygnis Group, we become the largest 3D printing entity in Poland, and our aspirations, of course, go even further.”

ZMorph President, Grzegorz Kaszynski, added, the merger occurs at “a pivotal moment, with the i500 printer ZMorph is becoming an important player in the professional 3D printer market, especially those targeted at professional SME’s. We have diagnosed sales areas that have untapped potential. We aim to make ZMorph synonymous with a premium European brand for 3D printing.”

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Featured image shows Andrzej Burgs (left) and Grzegorz Kaszyński from Sygnis SA Management Board. Photo via Sygnis SA.