Voodoo Manufacturing add Raise3D 3D printers to offer large format 3D printing service

New York-based 3D printing service bureau Voodoo Manufacturing has launched a new Large Format 3D Printing service, expanding beyond the initial MakerBot 3D printers currently in use.

The new service, which incorporates 10 new FFF Raise 3D printers, follows a $5 million investment in Voodoo Manufacturing’s operations led by U.S venture capital firm General Catalyst in 2017.

Illustration of the increase in build volume Large Format 3D Printing will bring. Image via Voodoo Manufacturing.
Illustration of the increase in build volume Large Format 3D Printing will bring. Image via Voodoo Manufacturing.

Augmenting sizes, diminishing times

Prior to introducing the Large Format 3D Printing service, Voodoo Manufacturing could produce parts up to 285 x 153 x 155mm. In context, a custom 6-foot tall mannequin would need to be 3D printed in 90 individual pieces followed by 2-3 hours of assembly.

With the Large Format 3D printing service, Voodoo Manufacturing can now produce parts with a volume of up to 300 x 300 x 605mm. With these capabilities, the same custom mannequin can be 3D printed in 20 parts and assembled in 30 minutes.

Voodoo’s Large Format 3D printing will initially be available for FFF additive manufacturing, delivered by the company’s 10 Raise3D N2 Plus 3D printers.

The Raise 3D N2 Plus, which will power Voodoo Manufacturing’s increase in size. Photo via Raise 3D.

A larger scale and a wider customer base

Max Friefeld, Voodoo Manufacturing’s CEO, explained how a combination of the company’s automation capabilities and 3D printing would disrupt traditional models in 3D Printing Industry’s Future of 3D Printing series.

The combination of Large Format 3D Printing with Voodoo Manufacturing’s existing technologies now means that large-scale additive manufacturing now has a turnaround time of five days.

“We hope that providing our customers the ability to manufacture large parts will enable new applications for our service that weren’t possible before,” said Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Voodoo Manufacturing, adding:

”With this launch, we want to attract new customers, but also provide existing customers with yet another reason to keep coming back to Voodoo!”

The Large Format 3D Printing service will be especially applicable to architectural models, custom signs, product displays, mannequins, component housings and furniture prototypes.

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Featured image shows Voodoo Manufacturing’s existing 3D printer arsenal. Photo via Voodoo Manufacturing.