UP! Plus2 – Automatically Calibrating Sub-$2,000 3D Printer

Unsurprisingly, there have been a lot of new hardware announcements in the 3D printer sector this year, with some trying to completely rewrite the rules and some offering more ‘traditional’ solutions. Regardless of the chosen technical approach or the price positioning within the consumer and/or prosumer categories,  the competitive field is a quantitatively measured market, which doesn’t exactly lack applicants, all aiming for that generic brand name synonymous with a home desktop 3D printer. Due to the ever growing hardware crowd occupying the market, the already established companies are looking to toughen up their game to stay relevant and in the headlines. In practice, in the case of Chinese PP3DP – also known as the Delta Micro Factory – it means introducing a successor to the first UP! Plus 3D printer.

PP3DP UP! Plus2 3D printer

Named simply the UP! Plus2, this new iteration of the successful 3D printer relies on attributes related to convenience – namely calibration automation – which is in the core of the philosophy behind the machine. More precisely it offers the targeted users – especially those with no extensive expertise or interest in tech tinkering – automatic platform height and leveling calibration. Other related news concerns the provided software, which has also seen some new and revamped features.  The simple, yet sympathetic looking 3D printer will be priced at $1,649 and made available – for preordering – on the 1st of June.

Source: PP3DP

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