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UNIZ to debut 5 new SLA 3D printers and new UDP technology at CES 2018

3D printer manufacturer UNIZ has announced that it will be launching five new SLA 3D printers and its new uni-directional peel (UDP) technology at CES 2018.

The Las Vegas exhibition will see the debut of the SLASH+, SLASH Online (OL) and SLASH PRO desktop 3D printers, and the zSLTV15 and zSLTV23 industrial 3D printers, all of which use the new UDP technology.

These will be the first products released by San Diego-based UNIZ following 2016’s SLASH SLA 3D printer, and a capital injection upwards of $6 million earlier this year by Beijing DeLian Express Investment Management and Cheng Congwu.

Desktop 3D printers that build on the success of the SLASH

When released, the SLASH desktop 3D printer was described as the “fastest desktop 3D printer ever made,” combined printing speeds of 1000 cc/hr with a print resolution of 339 ppi. The printer’s Kickstarter reached its goal within four hours of its launch, raising over $500,000 in the space of a month.

A direct follow-up to the SLASH, the SLASH+ offers an 8300cc/hr build envelope printing speed, with a z-axis speed of 360mm/hr. A direct challenge to conventional injection molding processes, UNIZ claims that the printer can 3D print six full-arch dental models in less than five minutes.

The SLASH OL 3D printer offers an 8300cc/hr build envelope speed and a 0.15 milimeter XY resolution. UNIZ has implied that it will be on the market for less than $1000, as a direct challenge to FFF 3D printers available within the same price range.

Finally, the SLASH PRO doubles the z-axis build envelope of the SLASH, and “is capable of outputting a full-size adult outer-sole in less than 60 minutes.”

The UDP technology used by all of these 3D printers minimizes the peel time (the time taken remove the model from the resin tank base), and it is faster than the conventional layered SLA process.

The SLASH OL 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.
The SLASH OL 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.

Moving into the industrial 3D printing market

UNIZ has also equipped its two new industrial 3D printers with UDP technology for prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing.

SLTV15 extends the build area of the SLASH to 330x190x410mm build volume. It promises a 2,800 cc/hr solid output speed and a 24000cc/hr build envelope speed, which UNIZ claims can 3D print 20 full-arch dental models in less than five minutes.

The SLTV23 increases these dimensions even further, offering a 521x293x650mm build volume a 7,000 cc/hr solid output speed and 56000cc/hr build envelope printing speed, which affords it the title of fastest SLA 3D printer.

UNIZ will be in North Hall, booth #9110 at CES from 9 January 2018.

The SLASH zSLTV-15 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.
The SLASH zSLTV15 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.

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Featured image shows the UNIZ zSLTV23 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.