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UNIZ combines speed, precision, and durability with latest NBEE dental 3D printer

UNIZ, a manufacturer of desktop LCD 3D printers, has begun shipping its new NBEE resin 3D printer.

Announced earlier this year, the NBEE is designed to combine speed, quality, and usability in a bid to address the high-volume production needs of dental professionals. The system is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as aligner models, denture bases, night guards, surgical guides, crowns, bridges, and more.

Sporting a build volume of 192 x 120 x 180mm and a maximum print speed of 280mm/hr, the NBEE is also UNIZ’s fastest 3D printer to date. Built with throughput in mind, the machine can 3D print a full plate of 26 standing models in 25 minutes.

UNIZ announced, “The NBEE has all the killer features to make extraordinary strides in the dental market. The system provides oral and dental specialists with unfathomable precision, effective workflow, and easy adaptation in digital dentistry.”

The NBEE dental 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.
The NBEE dental 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.

Streamlining dental 3D printing with UNIZ

Based in San Diego, UNIZ is known for its extensive portfolio of professional-grade LCD 3D printers. Although its 3D printing systems are designed to be versatile with over 40 patents backing them, the company has recently placed a major focus on targeting the dental sector.

To complement its 3D printers, UNIZ also offers a product line of FDA-listed dental resins. This includes zDENTAL C&B for crowns & bridges, zDENTAL IDB for indirect bonding trays. and the zSG Amber material for surgical guides and brackets.

Naturally, UNIZ has also developed its own purpose-built slicing software for dental 3D printing. The new UNIZ Dental slicer, much like the NBEE, is designed with speed in mind. According to the firm, it can slice and save a full plate of 26 dental models in just 12 seconds. The slicer also features text embossing, scan repair functionality, model splitting, automated model arrangement, and hole generation functionality.

A few of UNIZ’s own dental 3D printing resins. Image via UNIZ.
A few of UNIZ’s own dental 3D printing resins. Image via UNIZ.

The high-speed NBEE 3D printer

UNIZ truly has doubled down on productivity with the NBEE 3D printer, but this certainly doesn’t mean the system cuts corners when it comes to quality. It comes complete with the company’s own High Uniformity Collimate Light Engine, which provides users with up to 95% light uniformity and an XY resolution of 49.8 microns for excellent feature details, regardless of the part distribution on the build plate.

Much like some of UNIZ’s higher-end 3D printers, the NBEE is also capable of active resin temperature control. As well as keeping the resin in the vat at an optimal viscosity for 3D printing, the active air conditioning system also keeps the operating temperature of the machine itself below 40°C. UNIZ claims this can extend the lifespan of the LCD screen to at least 5000 hours.

Additionally, the machine’s resin vat also comes equipped with UNIZ’s new stereo composite film, which is reportedly stronger and more durable than the previous design. According to the firm, each piece of film will be able to withstand up to 55 liters of resin before it needs a replacement. The result is more 3D printing and less 3D printer maintenance.

Looking at the electronics side, the NBEE sports a new closed-loop motor control server for high-precision peeling, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and a 7” touchscreen for easy user control.

The system is suitable for a wide variety of dental applications. Photo via UNIZ.
The system is suitable for a wide variety of dental applications. Photo via UNIZ.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the NBEE 3D printer. Readers interested in purchasing the system can contact UNIZ at [email protected] for a quote. Shipping is set to begin by the end of January 2022.

Build volume192 x 120 x 180mm
XY resolution49.8 microns
Z resolution10 – 200 microns
Print speedUp to 280mm/h
Dimensions380 x 380 x 1230mm
ConnectivityFlash drive, Wi-Fi, ethernet

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Featured image shows the NBEE dental 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.