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UnionTech exhibiting new resin 3D printer range at Formnext 2022

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Industrial 3D printer manufacturer UnionTech is showcasing the latest additions to its Digital Light Processing (DLP) and stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing portfolio at Formnext.

Alongside its newly-launched Ultra-RC70 material, UnionTech is showcasing the ūĚúč200, Cute 380, Martrix190 and EvoDent S300, as well as its Unionfab ONE software. To truly demonstrate its machines‚Äô capabilities, the firm is also showing off several new parts they‚Äôve been used to produce, with applications varying from dental to heavy industry. 

Those attending the trade show can find UnionTech at booth 121-B02, with this year‚Äôs Formnext running in Frankfurt, Germany, from 15-18 November, 2022. 

UnionTech's 3D printer range. Image via UnionTech.
UnionTech’s 3D printer range. Image via UnionTech.

An expanding SLA & DLP user base

Over the last two decades, UnionTech has established itself a strong reputation as a developer of industrial-grade DLP and SLA 3D printing systems, materials and software packages. In that time, the firm has built out its footprint to such an extent that it now covers the European, North American, Middle Eastern and Asia Pacific regions. 

UnionTech‚Äôs 3,000-strong client base, which trades in over 50 countries, now deploy its proprietary technologies in the aerospace, electronics, dental, footwear, and construction sectors, among others, and their use cases continue to grow. 

In the past, the firm‚Äôs offering has also found extensive automotive applications. Just last year, Chinese formula electric racing outfit Tongji University DIAN Racing managed to UnionTech 3D print 54 DRe21 race car parts. Customization specialist C-TECH has also previously utilized the company‚Äôs technologies to 3D print complex automotive parts, in a way that greatly improved its cost efficiency. 

UnionTech's Martrix190 3D printer. Photo via UnionTech.
UnionTech’s Martrix190 3D printer. Photo via UnionTech.

UnionTech‚Äôs 3D printing showcase 

At Formnext, UnionTech is now exhibiting the portfolio of systems behind this vast array of applications. On the industrial side of its offering, the company markets the ūĚúč200, a DLP system featuring a powerful 4K light source that enables the precise, repeatable 3D printing of products with fine surface details down to an accuracy of 30 to 50őľm. 

According to UnionTech, the system‚Äôs optical engine allows it to achieve angular, smooth surfaces that ‚Äútraditional techniques cannot reach,‚ÄĚ while its ‚Äėfine,‚Äô ‚Äėbalanced‚Äô and ‚Äėsmooth‚Äô modes enable users to configure it to meet their needs. 

To address larger-scale applications, the firm has developed its Cute 380 machine. This top-down DLP 3D printer pairs a 4K light engine with a larger 384 x 216 x 300 mm build volume. As such, the system is capable of rapidly 3D printing huge industrial molds, while remaining small enough for office usage. To ensure quality, the unit also ships with an algorithm, designed to improve light uniformity. 

UnionTech's ūĚúč200 3D printer installed in a home office. Photo via UnionTech.
UnionTech’s ūĚúč200 3D printer installed in a home office. Photo via UnionTech.

Those working in the dental industry, meanwhile, may want to check out the EvoDent S300 3D printer at UnionTech‚Äôs booth. Since first launched in 2017, the machine has shown that it‚Äôs capable of producing up to eight full-sized dental models with inserts and four quarter models over a single run, without sacrificing on quality. In fact, when stacked vertically, the firm says its system can print over 32 aligners at once, in a way that allows users to in-source production with just a few 3D printers. 

UnionTech‚Äôs open-material Martrix machine is also being displayed at its exhibition. Thanks to its high-quality integrated lens technology, the AHEC (Adjustable High Energy Control) 3D printer is able to reach an energy density of 6mw/cm2, twice that of some of its rivals. This allows the system‚Äôs light to cure resin in a more complete way, which not only accelerates part formation, but opens up a wider pool of 3D printing materials to adopters. 

The UnionTech S300 3D printer and a set of dental prints. Image via UnionTech.
The UnionTech EvoDent S300 3D printer and a set of dental prints. Image via UnionTech.

Debuting applications at Formnext 

Elsewhere on its stand, UnionTech is exhibiting around its free-to-download Unionfab ONE software. The firm‚Äôs platform is designed to simultaneously simplify the print process, making it as accessible as possible for newcomers, while helping users improve on quality via the inclusion of unique parameter settings that integrate its hardware and software. 

In newer developments, UnionTech‚Äôs Ultra-RC70 is also making its Formnext debut. The ABS-like resin is designed to provide users with a material that offers both quality and a high level of tensile strength, elongation-at-break and anti-aging properties. These qualities are said to make the feedstock ideal for functional verification and producing end-use parts, which require excellent impact resistance. 

All these products (and a great deal more on the application front) are now being exhibited at UnionTech‚Äôs booth at Formnext. 

Event attendees can pay them a visit at booth 121-B02, while those unable to make it can check out the company’s full product range at the UnionTech website

Parts 3D printed from Ulta-RC70 and the RsPro 600 system. Image via UnionTech.
Parts 3D printed from Ulta-RC70 and the RsPro 600 system. Image via UnionTech.

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Featured image shows UnionTech’s 3D printer range. Image via UnionTech.