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Ultimaker reveal new Ultimaker 3 3D printer, on the phone.

Ultimaker’s homepage was replaced this week with a teaser for the Ultimaker Gyro.

Accompanied by Aphex Twin-esque electronic sounds, viewers were treated to a short video showing an intricate object, “made by Ultimaker”. Almost 90,000 viewers watched the 16 second teaser that was first posted on Monday.

From the video it is possible to see that the 3D printer uses two materials, in the screengrab below the white material is used as a support and the darker purple material relates to the finished object.

Dual Nozzle, multimaterials confirmed.
Dual Nozzle, multimaterials confirmed.

After post-processing the finished object shows a fine detail with a high level of geometric complexity. Multi-material machines, and dual nozzle FFF printers, are not a new development on their own. However, it can be a complex process for designers to produce digital files that fully exploit the possibilities.

As of now, the wait is over and 3DPI can reveal the first glance at the new Ultimaker 3. Well, we would if we could get onto the website. Breaking under the strain of eager 3D printing enthusiasts, rather than revealing the Ultimaker 3 a default holding screen was seen.

Those waiting for the announcement were quick to take to twitter and express frustration about the hitch. 3DPI decided to go about things the old fashioned way and pick up the phone to find the news.

The website fail caused frustration on twitter.
The website fail caused frustration on twitter.

In a conversation with the UK sales team, an Ultimaker representative confirmed that the Ultimaker 3 is indeed a dual nozzle printer, and the material printed will include soluble supports. The Dutch company demoed a number of new materials at TCT earlier this month, including a polycarbonate and a new ABS.

Ultimaker last released a printer in April 2016. The Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended were both popular models and won a number of awards on release, including best large format printer in MAKE magazines competition of that year.
When the Ultimaker site comes back online, viewers will be able to see if the new printer is going to reach such heights and access price information. At 3DPI we understand the machine will cost approximately 50% than the current Ultimaker 2.


Update 1

The price of the Ultimaker 3 will be £2,795 + VAT .

Photos of the machine are now available online.

ultimaker-3 ultimaker-3