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Towering builds by Builder Extreme printers

The Builder Extreme 2000 is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) based 3D printer that not only looks like a phone booth, but it could also almost print a life-sized replica of Superman, at a height of anything up to 1.820m tall.

The Builder 3D Printers Extreme 1000 & 2000 printers side by side for comparison. Photo via: builder3dprinters.com

The printer, and its sister model the Extreme 1000 at half the size, are now available to buy from Chicago’s industry-leading tech re-sellers Dynamism Inc, who also have a webstore based in the UK. Douglas Krone, Dynamism Inc’s CEO expressed his enthusiasm for the release, “We are very excited about the aptly named Extreme! We’ve been offering Builder 3D printers for two years.”

A closer look at the max build areas, Extreme 2000, 0.7×0.7×1.820m & 1000: 700x700x820mm.

The sheer build-volume of the printers sets the precedent for how the Extreme 1000/2000 could be profitable for prototyping in big-player automotive and aerospace industries, with existing customers applying the machines in gas stations, packaging materials and making full-scale furniture.

The printers would also be particularly effective in projects such as MyMiniFactory’s Scan the World, a project active in the conservation of sculptures through a 3D modelling and replication process, as Builder 3D Printers’ Sales Manager Niels Hunck explains; “The Builder Extreme is unlike any other 3D printer and has generated tremendous interest among manufacturers, designers and even artists.”

Builder 3D Printer’s Extreme 2000 print of the Empire State Building in stages. Photos via: builder3dprinters.com

To display the Extreme 2000’s capabilities, Builder 3D Printers, the Dutch company behind the machine, have printed an impressive 1.8m replica of the Empire State Building which can be seen in the epic video below:

Materials matter, just as much as size

Builder 3D Printers use their unique dual-feed nozzles in the Extreme 1000 & 2000 which allows the printing of multiple materials, and also gives the 3D printers the ability to mix colors and achieve gradients in objects. Its also good to know that it is backed by Builder’s ‘proprietary color mixing software’, ensuring the desired quality accurately matches the printer’s specifications.

Close up of Builder 3D’s dual-feed nozzle Photo via: builder3dprinters.com

Ensured quality control

As stated in the Extreme 2000’s specifications, 10 to 80 mm per second is the average speed-range for a print (of course actual speed is very much dependent upon materials and design), and temperature control of the enclosed build chambers ensure that precision comes at no compromise to size. There’s also a handy on-board camera for you to keep an eye on your build. (If there’s anything worth sharing on Facebook, a time-lapse video of the Empire State Building being printed is certainly it.)

Builder 3D Printer's on board camera inside the Extreme 200.
Builder 3D Printer’s on board camera inside the Extreme 200. Photo via: builder3dprinters.com

The sale through Dynamism Inc. ensures that customers get ample support when purchasing their 3D printers, with Dynamism specialists on hand for quotes and advice as required. Both companies are committed to reaching customers and providing a quality service. “Dynamism is the right partner to bring the Builder Extreme 3D printer to these US based enterprises and professional clients with expertise and market-leading service”, said Niels Hunck. Dynamism Inc’s CEO Douglas Krone added;

Now for our most demanding enterprise customers, the Builder Extreme offers incredible print volume for serious prototyping or art projects—yet, it’s still simple and easy to use. We think the Extreme will help many of our professional customers reach their goals.

Builder 3D Printers Builder Extreme 2000 Photo via:
Builder 3D Printers Builder Extreme 2000 Photo via: builder3dprinters.com

This journalist for one simply can’t get over the idea that the Extreme 2000 could print me. But, I digress.

Featured image: Builder 3D Extreme 2000 3D printer Empire State Building via  builder3dprinters.com