Type A Machines unveils two new filaments and Cura Type A 1.5

California-based company Type A Machines have just unveiled their latest addition to a long list of quality filaments. Joining the ranks of more than 20 other filaments offered on the website are EverydayPLA and PerformancePLA. The two new products were developed in partnership with industry leading filament manufacturers 3DomFuel and Breathe-3DP, respectively. The new filaments follow the previous lightweight ProMatte filament, released earlier this year. Chief Strategy Officer for Type A Machines, Tim Holmes, talked about the company’s latest offers, saying:

“Delivering a 3D printing experience comprised of hardware, software, and materials, all tuned to work together, is critical to meeting our customers’ needs. EverydayPLA, and PerformancePLA provide our customers choices in filament that deliver solid, reliable results and we stand behind that.”


Type A Machines EverydayPLA
EverdayPLA in Steel Grey courtesy of Type A Machines

Designed specifically for customers tasked with prototyping, educational and additive manufacturing projects, EverydayPLA is said to yield consistent color and diameter from one batch to the next. With EverydayPLA, Type A Machines claims customers are ensured quality in their creations. Available for purchase here, EverydayPLA is currently retailing at $32 per 1KG spool. The new filament also offers the following features:

  • ease of printing and extrusion
  • low odor
  • good bed-adhesion
  • low-warpage
  • available in:
    • blue
    • black
    • white
    • gray
    • orange
    • yellow


Type A Machines PerformancePLA
PerformancePLA in Green courtesy of Type A Machines

On the other hand, PerformancePLA was developed primarily for uses where durability is desired. According to Type A Machines, its high impact resistance is ideal for engineering and design prototypes. PerformancePLA is available here with a retail price of $56 per 1KG spool. Some of the filament’s exclusive features include:

  • significantly higher impact strength
  • less brittle than standard PLA
  • resists warping and curling
  • available in:
    • orange
    • grey
    • green
    • white
    • black
    • red

Cura Type A 1.5

In other news, Type A Machines also announced the release of the latest version of their slicing software, Cura Type A. Optimized for the best results when printing with their Series 1 printer, the latest Cura Type A 1.5 features material profiles for printing with 30 new filaments, taking their list to 78 different types of filament.

Cura Type A 1.5 also allows users to specify infills by the millimeter in order to achieve sharper dimensions, and features an internal structural visualizer, 3D cubic structures, new key commands and user notifications, as well as a host of other upgrades. You can view the full list and download the latest software for Windows and MacOS here.