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TRILAB launches new AzteQ Industrial delta 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

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Czech 3D printer manufacturer TRILAB has launched its new AzteQ Industrial system, the first in a new line of delta FDM 3D printers.

Available in two models – the AzteQ and larger AzteQ Plus – the desktop machine is built with performance in mind, with an actively heated build chamber, magnetic and exchangeable printheads, and a novel tensometric calibration sequence. TRILAB has placed great emphasis on filament compatibility with the AzteQ, claiming its latest system can 3D print fiber-filled composites, ASA, PA, PC, and PP parts for end-use industrial applications.

Michal Boháč, CEO at TRILAB, explains, “We have always been doing things differently than our competitors. All our 3D printers are based on modern, fast and precise delta kinematics, and with the AzteQ we are  now pushing towards advanced materials. With a closed and actively heated print chamber, our customers will not be limited in size or material.”

The AzteQ Industrial 3D printer. Photo via TRILAB.
The AzteQ Industrial 3D printer. Photo via TRILAB.

Delta 3D printing with TRILAB

Founded in 2016, TRILAB was born with the mission of developing delta FDM 3D printers for the Czech B2B market. Compared to cartesian setups, delta kinematics can enable higher print speeds as well as greater part accuracy and surface quality.

TRILAB made its commercial debut in 2017, when the company released its first 3D printer, the DeltiX. Shortly after, in 2018 and 2019, the more advanced DeltiQ and DeltiQ 2 3D printers were launched.

Still available for purchase, the DeltiQ 2 features a build volume measuring Ø 250 x 300mm, and is primarily designed for professional use in offices and research laboratories. Offering a 5mm thick aluminum build plate, the system’s magnetic print bed can be swapped out for a PEI surface or other alternatives. Based on the success of the DeltiQ 2, the new AzteQ line is intended to set the bar higher, shifting the company’s focus to higher-performance 3D printing.

The delta setup of the AzteQ.  Photo via TRILAB.
The delta setup of the AzteQ. Photo via TRILAB.

The AzteQ Industrial 3D printer

The new AzteQ Industrial 3D printer comes equipped with a tall-format build chamber measuring Ø 300 x 400mm (Ø 400 x 600mm on the AzteQ Plus), providing users with up to 30 liters of volume to play around with.

Designed for both large part prototyping and end-use production, the system is suitable for everything from jigs and fixtures for automotive applications to chemical-contacting pharmaceutical components. One of the greatest upgrades from the older DeltiQ line is the new closed and actively heated build chamber, which can reach up to 80⁰C.

TRILAB’s latest 3D printer also touts a level of modularity, featuring magnetic, swappable printheads with extruders and hotends developed by E3D. This enables the AzteQ to 3D print tougher materials using hardened nozzles or increase throughput using a larger hotend diameter, all without the need for a manual nozzle change. Each of the company’s printheads also houses tensometric autocalibration sensors, meaning the AzteQ will be able to perform a full printer calibration before every print.

Furthermore, users will also be able to swap out the print bed for one of TRILAB’s dedicated magnetic PrintPad surfaces. Much like the system’s printheads, these PrintPads are application-specific, making it easier to 3D print with specific materials. Additional features include integrated lighting, a built-in print monitoring camera, and remote Wi-Fi connectivity.

Boháč adds, “Thanks to the easy exchange of the magnetically mounted, quick-swappable printheads and the possibility to select the most suitable PrintPad print surface, any material change will be a matter of minutes.”

One of the AzteQ's swappable printheads. Photo via TRILAB.
One of the AzteQ’s swappable printheads. Photo via TRILAB.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the AzteQ Industrial 3D printer. Readers interested in purchasing the machine can visit the TRILAB store page for a quote. The system is available to pre-order now.

AzteQAzteQ Plus
Build volumeØ 300 x 400mmØ 400 x 600mm
Chamber temperature80°C80°C
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-FiUSB, Wi-Fi
Dimensions590 x 520 x 1050mm680 x 610 x 1360mm
Max nozzle temperature300°C – 400°C (printhead dependent)300°C – 400°C (printhead dependent)
Filament diameter1.75mm1.75mm

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Featured image shows the AzteQ Industrial 3D printer. Photo via TRILAB.