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Tractus3D launches the T2000 – technical specifications and pricing

Tractus3D has launched its new T2000 3D printer.

The large-format FFF system aims to cater to the large-scale printing needs of businesses for applications such as signage, education, automotive, engineering and manufacturing, while maintaining portability with its relatively slender build.

“Not every company has a room or space to fit a 3D printer of 3.5 meters high or 2 meters in width”, said Daniel van Mourik, CTO of Tractus3D. “That’s why we’ve developed the T2000. Capable of printing real large volume prints, but designed to fit in every office. This makes the T2000 a perfect 3D printer for every company.” 

Tractus3D T2000 3D printer. Photo via Tractus3D.
Tractus3D T2000 3D printer. Photo via Tractus3D.

Tractus3D’s delta FFF 3D printers

The Dutch manufacturer specializes in delta FFF systems, whereby the location of the printhead is controlled by three points moving up and down three rails that are fixed in a triangular formation around the print bed. Its portfolio of printers covers all bases, from low-cost desktop systems to large-format multi-meter machines, through high-temperature professional 3D printers.

Tractus3D’s Desk series is designed to create small and detailed parts on a desktop. The low-cost, easy-to-use machines are compact and low in weight, making them suitable for individual use. The Pro series is designed to extrude high-performance materials like PEEK and ULTEM, which are known for their strength and resistance but require very high temperatures to work with. Finally, the company’s Large Volume series is, unsurprisingly, for large volume 3D printing. The tallest machines in this series are capable of creating parts up to 2.1m in height, making them a popular choice for specialist businesses.

The T2000

The T2000 is Tractus3D’s latest addition to the Large Volume series. The machine’s build chamber is capable of printing up to 1 meter in height and 68cm in diameter, all packed in a relatively slender body just 2 meters tall and 82cm wide. The system’s high build-to-body ratio is a point of pride, accompanied by the claim that it can “fit through every normal door”. The printer has a net weight of 90kg, making it portable for its size.

T2000 print bed. Photo via Tractus3D.
T2000 print bed. Photo via Tractus3D.

According to Tractus3D, the T2000 also has the fastest printhead in the world, the F033L, which enables print speeds of up to 400 mm/s. The nozzle has a maximum temperature of 300°C, making the printer capable of extruding some of the tougher engineering thermoplastics such as ABS or PETG. The heated glass build plate has a maximum temperature of 110°C and features automatic bed leveling.

T2000 F033L printhead. Photo via Tractus3D.
T2000 F033L printhead. Photo via Tractus3D.

As with all large volume Tractus3D printers, the T2000 comes fully covered with a Service Level Agreement, which includes a spare print head, free cleaning service, free support, and discounts on filaments, parts and upgrades.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the T2000. The system is priced at €24,900. Tractus3D will begin shipping the T2000 from the 1st of May on a first come, first serve basis. Visit the T2000 website for more information.

Build height 1000mm
Build width 680mm diameter
Speed 400mm/s
XYZ resolution 20, 20, 50 microns
Layer resolution 50 – 1200 microns (depending on nozzle diameter)
Connectivity LAN
Display 7″ color touchscreen
Language support English, Dutch, French, German
Physical dimensions 820 x 900 x 2050mm
Net weight 90kg
Build plate temperature 110°C
Build plate leveling Automatic with probe unit
Build plate heat up time < 8 min from 20°C to 60°C
Feeder type Hardened steel geared
Nozzle diameter 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4mm
Nozzle temperature 300°C
Max. extrusion volume 110mm³/s
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Supported materials PLA, PRO1, PET-G, ABS, ASA, Facilan C8, TPU/TPE, Nylon, PC, Fillers like woodfill
Supplied software Simplify3D with 1 license (usage on 2 computers)


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Featured image shows Tractus3D T2000 3D printer. Photo via Tractus3D.