Timothy Simpson appointed Paul Morrow Professorship at Penn State

Timothy Simpson has just been appointed the Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering Design and Manufacturing at Penn State’s College of Engineering. A member of the Faculty since 1998 Simpson has been involved in “more than $39 million in externally funded projects since 2011, including nearly $1 million in industry support.” An advocate of additive manufacturing, the professor has had a number of research projects published in the area of 3D printing.

The aim of the Morrow professorship is to “support the scholarly activities of a professor in the College of Engineering to develop strong relationships with industry by assisting the industrial community in meeting its applied research needs and providing a communication link between the university and industry.” Addressing this, Simpson has recently been supporting metal 3D printers InfraTrac in a project creating an IP protection system. The technology involves applying a chemical fingerprint to 3D printed metal in order to counteract fraudulent metals.

Timothy Simpson. Photo via Penn State.
Timothy Simpson. Photo via Penn State.

Simpson who is a professor of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, engineering design and architecture has strong ties to 3D printing. He is part of the founding membership of the now America Makes, formerly National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute. He is also co-director of Penn State’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D). The CIMP-3D is a facility which is operated by Penn State along with 3D printing company 3D systems.

You can nominate a teacher or professor for the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards.

Featured image shows the Information Sciences and Technology building which houses Penn State’s College of Engineering. Photo via Penn State.