The total cost of owning a 3D printer

When looking to buy a 3D printer, the often-hidden costs of ownership can become tricky to manage when considering risk and budget. Beyond 3D printer hardware, these “hidden” costs can include supplemental consumables, materials, software, and training – all essential for efficient operation.

Ultimaker believes in being transparent with its 3D printing platform. The company has published a white paper giving a full-cost breakdown of everything needed to introduce 3D printing to your business.

Suitable for both SMEs and larger companies looking to bring functional prototyping, spare part production and tooling in-house, 3D Printing: The Total Cost of Ownership, is a free resource designed to help decision makers move forward more confidently in this process.

How 3D printing is helping other businesses

Founded in 2011, Ultimaker has nearing a decade of experience at the forefront of desktop FFF 3D printing. Now in its fifth generation of 3D printers, the company is well equipped to advise and consult with customers on the best package to suit their business.

Year on year, Ultimaker has been voted top in its categories for the 3D Printing Industry Awards. For 2019, the 3D printer manufacturer has made the shortlist again across several different categories.

Most recently Ultimaker S5 3D printers, the latest machines from the popular Dutch OEM,  were acquired by the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) to help in its maintenance and repair operations. In 2018, the same machine also received Materialise certification for use in external medical applications.

Modeling in Cura. Photo via Ultimaker
Modeling in Cura. Photo via Ultimaker

Acquiring your first 3D printer

Based on the purchase of an Ultimaker S5 The Total Cost of Ownership white paper outlines all associated costs with the acquisition through eight essential categories. This includes considering warranties (i.e. check the small print), service agreements, maintenance, power consumption, wastage and post processing.

In the desktop 3D printer market, Ultimaker remains competitive across a number of these associated costs. The company also details how its Cura software is tuned to help with the process, i.e. through pre-installed materials profiles.

Overall, through reading the paper, Ultimaker’s goal is to help you:

– Avoid getting locked into a 3D printing platform that drains your budget with hidden costs

– Be confident to choose the most cost-effective 3D printing workflow for your business

– Achieve a huge ROI by creating the 3D printed parts you need – in-house and on-demand

3D Printing: The Total Cost of Ownership can be downloaded from Ultimaker here.

Ultimaker maintenance. Photo via Ultimaker
Ultimaker maintenance. Photo via Ultimaker

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