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Syndaver launches its first 3D printer, the SynDaver Axi

Syndaver, the US-based manufacturer of synthetic humans and animals for surgical training and simulation, has launched its inaugural line of 3D printers, the Axi. 

Having used additive manufacturing extensively within its existing business, the company has now launched a desktop extrusion machine of its own. Aimed at prosumers and hobbyists, the US-made 3D printer is designed to meet the needs of professionals and general consumers alike.

“This printer can be used by companies with a need for serious 3D printing capabilities or by 3D printing hobbyists, and we even took security into consideration, so this can be immediately adopted and deployed by the military while maintaining operational security,” said Curt Ketner, Vice President of SynDaver.

Syndaver's new Axi 3D printer is designed for use by both hobbyists and professionals, according to the company. Photo via Syndaver.
Syndaver’s new Axi 3D printer is designed for use by both hobbyists and professionals, according to the company. Photo via Syndaver.

Syndaver: from surgical synthetics to 3D printing 

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Florida, Syndaver is known for creating synthetic human body parts for the medical device industry. The company’s novel production system allows it to replicate human and animal anatomy in great detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves, and organs. 

At the end of 2019, Colorado-based 3D printing company Aleph Objects faced closure. While many of its staff were saved from redundancy after the company was acquired by Fargo Additive Manufacturing Equipment 3D (FAME 3D), some were recruited by Syndaver, who established a new department called Syndaver West. Many of these engineers had a hand in producing the Lulzbot open-source 3D printer, and since then, this fresh talent has been leveraged to work on the development of Syndaver’s first system, the Axi.

The medical manufacturer’s new line of 3D printers will be produced at the company’s Tampa base, which is being set up as a new business incubator. Supporting American-made goods will be the focus of the initiative, helping companies that are manufacturing parts in the technology space, and other businesses that serve those companies. 

Syndaver’s Axi line of 3D printers

The SynDaver Axi features a heated, automatic, self-leveling, and removable PEI-coated build plate, allowing for the production of parts with high levels of precision and dimensional accuracy. With a build volume of 280 x 280 x 285 mm, the 3D printer is able to produce large builds to the full size of the print bed, with edge-to-edge printing capability. 

The extrusion machine is also characterized by a large color touch screen, E3D Hemera tool head, 1.75mm dual-drive extruder, 25-point mesh touch probe bed leveling system and filament runout sensor. 

Syndaver’s Axi 3D printer is now available from several of its channel partners for $3,250, which includes a three-year warranty and technical support for the machine. Although it has only just launched the Axi, the company is already working on its next iteration, which it plans to launch next year.

“Axi is highly capable and durable, and basically the printer I have always wanted,” said Dr. Christopher Sakezles, founder and CEO of SynDaver. “Still, this is just the beginning for us. We are already developing our next printer which is expected to launch sometime in Q1 next year.”

Syndaver have expanded their offering from synthetic humans for surgical testing to selling 3D printers. Gif created at gifs.com.
Syndaver has expanded its offering from producing synthetic humans for surgical testing to selling 3D printers. Gif created at gifs.com.

Desktop 3D printers for creators and professionals 

For the ‘prosumer’ manufacturer, there are a variety of desktop 3D printing alternatives on the market at the moment, including Makerbot’s newly launched Carbon Fiber Edition of its METHOD 3D printer. Designed to enable customers to create stronger and more accurate parts, the new machine is the company’s first that is capable of producing carbon fiber components. 

Award-winning Massachusetts-based 3D printer manufacturer Desktop Metal, launched its 3D printer named Fiber, in November 2019. The continuous fiber desktop 3D printer uses automated fiber placement (AFP) technology to print high-resolution continuous fiber composite parts, with reportedly superior levels of strength and stiffness.

China-based desktop and industrial 3D printer manufacturer Longer 3D released an affordable desktop solution for LCD SLA 3D printing in June 2019, called the Orange 30. The economical machine priced at $450, is capable of producing complex and detailed jewelry, dental, and architectural models. 

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Featured image shows Syndaver’s new Axi 3D printer. Photo via Syndaver.