Stratasys’ Mojo 3D Printer Released in India

Mojo, Stratasys ’ pro(sumer)-grade 3D printer in the $10k range using the 3D printing giant’s signature FDM tech, has been launched in India. Stratasys will be offering the ivory ABSplus thermoplastic-using machine in a bundle called simply the 3D print pack. Even though the price point for the system is set relatively high, it is in fact the lowest complete 3DP package in the category of professional grade devices.

The name Mojo has admittedly a certain clang to it. The background behind the naming refers to the process found magical by many, awesome by everybody: “The name Mojo implies magic, which is how some describe 3D printing upon first witnessing it. You can buy a less expensive 3D printer, but for the serious designer or engineer, Mojo is the lowest-priced product that offers professional-quality output, comes as a complete package system, and uses industrial-grade thermoplastic material. I expect this will be of interest not just to engineers and educators, but to entrepreneurs and independent designers as well”, states Stratasys’ Country Manager Ashwin Deshpande.

The inclusive system comprises the Mojo itself – measuring at 25” x 21” x 18” (WDH) – with the needed software, cleaning system and a start-up kit containing material to get going, QuickPack print engine of support material, modeling bases and other needed equipment. The QuickPack print engine part is not just a flashy marketing jargon type of gimmickry. It is basically a system combining the material spool and the print head, which installs a new print head after each change of material, ensuring an optimal print result – and these print heads should also be easy and fast to swap and install and thus comparable to changing an ink cartridge in a printer enabling less dimensions. Using the word Quick seems justified also regarding the entire set-up process – Stratasys promises the machine to be ready to print in under an hour. So all in all good news for India – we’re looking forward to seeing what applications come forth. And do let us know your thoughts on whether or not you think it’s worth the $9,900 investment for a startup 3DP company or a designer.

Source: Stratasys Mojo, Tenlinks.com

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