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Stratasys kicks off AMUG 2019 with launch of F120 industrial FDM 3D printer

Leading 3D printer OEM Stratasys has announced the launch of the F120 system The latest addition to the F123 series of 3D printers, the launch is the first of two announcements to come from the company at the 2019 AMUG conference.

In a pre-show briefing of the products, Stratasys representatives were keen to emphasize the value of the company’s ecosystem as a strength behind this latest release. Through acquisition of an F120, Stratasys says that customers can depend on the company’s quality of service. The machine builds on the company’s core FDM technology, that has been a staple of Stratasys products since its founding in 1989.

A clear move toward functional applications, the machine also reportedly makes “industrial-grade 3D printing easier to own than ever before.” Omer Krieger, EVP Products at Stratasys, comments, “For more than three decades, Stratasys has set the standard for performance, reliability and accuracy in industrial-level 3D printing technology.”

“[…] The F120 3D printer introduces this cutting-edge technology to even the most basic users, transcending many entry-level machines.”

“Never before has it been this easy to put 3D printing to work for everyone – from students preparing for industry to the smallest design studio, through full-scale prototyping departments putting tools at designers’ fingertips.”

The Stratasys F120 3D printer at AMUG 2019. Photo by Michael Petch
The Stratasys F120 3D printer at AMUG 2019. Photo by Michael Petch

Tried and tested over 1,200 hours

The F120 is a compact system made to produce accurate and repeatable results. Tried and tested by Stratasys over the course of 1,200 hours, the system is said to outperform the competition across many key functions. In terms of speed, Stratasys reports an increase of up to 3X that of comparable systems. The machine has also been competitively tested  for “Feature reproduction, part sturdiness,” and “surface quality.” It has a heated build chamber, with built-in touch screen control. It is compatible with GrabCAD Print software, with access available to both office spaces and factories.

Krieger adds, “While many analysts report the entry-level 3D printing segment has grown significantly, we note organizations struggle with building production-level models on the first or second try – at the reliability and repeatability of high-end systems. This puts smaller designers and academic institutions at a significant disadvantage.”

“The Stratasys F120 printer meets the needs of customers, providing engineering and design groups with highly productive part printing – whether they’re across the hall or around the globe.”

F120 material availability and pricing 

Throughout the literature supporting the F120, Stratasys posts highlights such as “Plug and print functionality,” “customer installability” and “remote self-monitoring.” With the F120, the idea is that once a file is sent to print, the machine can be left to do its job.

Material is fed into the system via two large filament boxes (one feed for the object and one for support material) enabling 250 hours of uninterrupted 3D printing. On launch the F120 is compatible with ABS, ASA and SR30 (a breakaway support) materials. Notably, the machine is not compatible with PLA – a clear departure from basic prototyping toward functional, FDM, 3D printing applications.

Functional part 3D printed in Stratasys ABS. Photo via Stratasys
Functional part 3D printed in Stratasys ABS. Photo via Stratasys

The F120 is available in the U.S. for a price of $11,999. Orders for the 3D printer are open now, with delivery starting July 2019.

Visitors of this week’s AMUG Conference in Chicago can be the first to see the F120 3D printer at Stratasys’ Booth D17 in Salon D of the Hilton Chicago.

Stratasys has attained multiple nominations in the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards. Vote now to decide this year’s winners.

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Featured image shows the Stratasys F120 FDM 3D printer. Photo via Stratasys