Stratasys appoints Yoav Zeif as new CEO

Leading 3D printer OEM Stratasys has appointed Yoav Zeif as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective February 18, 2020. The company’s current interim CEO Elchanan Jaglom will continue in his role as Chairman.

“Stratasys has led the expansion of the 3D printing industry for more than three decades, but the potential impact of this transformative technology across all industries is just beginning,” stated Jaglom.

“Yoav brings a strong combination of leadership and global operational experience to fuel our next stage of growth. We are confident that as CEO he will advance our offering and further our vision to reshape the world of design, prototyping, and manufacturing.”

Yoav Zeif, the new CEO of Stratasys. Photo via Israelagri.
Yoav Zeif, the new CEO of Stratasys. Photo via Israelagri.

A new road for Stratasys

Following the release of Stratasys’ Q3 2019 financial results last month, Jaglom updated investors on the search for a CEO, stating that it “is progressing, and I look forward to completing the process.” As the chosen CEO, Zeif is expected to provide a broad, global experience in industry transformation to Stratasys, as a result of his experience in senior leadership roles for both public and private multi-billion-dollar corporations.

Last year, Zeif became a partner in the New York office of McKinsey & Company. Prior to this, he acted as President of the Americas Division, Head of Product Offering and Chief Commercial Officer at Netafim, a global micro-irrigation company. This position was held for five years. Before this, Zeif was Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing at Adama, a global crop-protection company.

Furthermore, Zeif’s academic background includes an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Illinois, and a Ph.D. in International Economics from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Metal additive manufacturing powder. Photo via Stratasys.
Metal additive manufacturing powder. Photo via Stratasys.

“Power the additive manufacturing landscape”

During his time at Netafim, Zeif led the global development of an advanced irrigation system that leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) technology and artificial intelligence. Moreover, he contributed to Netafim’s global product offering, digital marketing, and Crop Management Technology unit and delivered growth rates reportedly higher than the surrounding market.

“Stratasys pioneered and continues to power the additive manufacturing landscape, enabling companies across virtually all industries to build and improve their businesses through 3D printing technology,” added Zeif.

“In particular, thanks to its outstanding innovations and application engineering, it is clear that Stratasys is poised not only to reshape product development and prototyping but also to transform supply chains and manufacturing through efficiency and personalization. I am excited to be joining the company and its talented and dedicated teams around the world at such a pivotal time.”

The F900 3D printer from Stratasys. Photo via Stratasys.
The F900 3D printer from Stratasys. Photo via Stratasys.

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Featured image shows Yoav Zeif, the new CEO of Stratasys. Photo via Israelagri.