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Sintratec launches all-in-one SLS 3D print and post-processing system

Feeding the 3D printing industry’s apparent demand for peripheral/auxiliary devices, the new SLS machine from Swiss machines manufacturer Sintratec is promising “print, depowder and prepare” all in one system.

Named the Sintratec S2, SLS 3D printing is completed in this system by a modular Material Core Unit, Material Handling Station, Blasting Station and Polishing Station. Together these units facilitate the clean and safe post-processing of 3D printed protoypes, and can be scaled to meet demand.

Powder handling in the Sintratec S2

An upgrade on the 3D Printing Industry awards nominated Sintratec S1 and the Sintratec Kit, the Laser Sintering Station (LSS) of the Sintratec S2 offers a cylindrical print volume, with faster print times dues to shorter machine preparation. At present, detailed technical specifications of the LSS are unavailable, however unit dimensions measure 1,500 × 1,000 × 750 m (H x W x D) and the system promises “eight controlled heating zones” and a “precise laser scanning system.”

Located beneath the LSS, Sintratec has the S2 Materical Core Unit (MCU) which enables the loading of powders in the build chamber. Built to contain two powder cyclinders, the MCU facilitates quick layer changeover.

Adjacent to the LSS and MCU unit is the Sintratec S2 Material Handling Station (MHS). Connected to the Sintratec Vortex Unit, a vacuum powder management system, this post processing station makes it easy to cleanly remove excess powder and recycle for further use.

The Sintratec S2 LSS, MCU, MHU and Vortex Unit. Photo via Sintratec
The Sintratec S2 LSS, MCU, MHU and Vortex Unit. Photo via Sintratec

SLS post-processing

In addition to powder handling units, the Sintractec 2 is accompanied by two further post process stations.

Producing a working pressure of 2.8-8 bar, the Sintratec Blasting Station is included to quickly create “visually appealing SLS workpieces with an improved
surface quality.”

Further, the Sintratec Polishing Station is a magnetic tumbler used to smooth the surface of objects, and seal surface impurities. A compact and autonmous unit, the Sintratec Polishing Station works at a speed of 2,800 rpm.

First revealed to the public this week, the full Sintratec S2 system is now available for reservation.

The complete range of Sintratec S2 unit. Photo via Sintratec
The complete range of Sintratec S2 units. Photo via Sintratec

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Featured image shows rhe Sintratec S2 system. Photo via Sintratec