Siemens Donates $440 million In AM Developments at YSU

WKBN has reported that electronics giant Siemens has made a donation of $440 million to Youngstown State University (YSU) with the specific purpose of preparing students for careers in additive manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, and robotics design for the automotive, defense, energy, high-tech electronics, machinery and aerospace industries.

Youngstown State University Campus

The donation is in the form of an “in-kind grant” for students working with advanced manufacturing and engineering technologies in association with NAMII, also based in Ohio. YSU is one of nine research institutes associated with the National Additive Manufacturing Institute in the US. WKBN states that Siemens’ Chief Operating Officer, Eric Spiegel “is a Mahoning Valley native” suggesting this affiliation is, at least in part, behind the donation to YSU.

Siemens was also among the very early adopters of industrial 3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing applications and utilise the technology in the production of hearing aids.

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