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Siderits’ 3D Printed Bird Cage

Every pet owner knows that keeping the beloved animal(s) stimulated both mentally and physically and thus content can sometimes prove to be an enduring and challenging task and invariably has a significant impact on the pack leader’s wallet. Besides the food and vet bills, there are other incidentals such as the trinkets and pet paraphernalia that the marketing companies deem — and label — as necessities. This can be afinancially challenging issue, as the blinking LED-collars and personalized terrariums with actual rain forest flora are obviously “fundamental” factors  to significantly improve the 0 to 6 legged friend’s life. But could there be another solution to this dilemma, other than spending an ever-growing amount of cash on generic things created by a person who might not even be a pet enthusiast, but a drifting industrial designer?

Thingiverse user siderits thinks so and has a 3D printed solution for all bird owners — a novel and innovative bird cage, 3D printed of course, at least in part. Siderits has created a base model of just four printable parts, which can be assembled any way the user wants just by using simple wooden skewers as the pillars/hinges/bars of the cage by applying glue. The idea is genius in its simplicity and could be used as a base design for going as wild as any maker wanted with it – siderits suggest creating e.g. roof peak decorations, a mail box and framed windows as some of the potential next steps in extra parts to end up with the ultimate personalized perfect set-up for any feathered friends in the family.

Siderits’ bird cage shows once again, that with a little creative ingenuity and enthusiasm accompanied by 3D printing tech know-how, projects that would have previously required lots of manual intricate base work and practice can now be done easily by anyone who basically has the will (and access to a 3D printer of course).

Siderits’ 3D Printed Bird Cage

Source: Thingiverse